Laura Frisk Giveaway Winner!

Thought y'all might like to know who our winner was for the Laura Frisk Art Giveaway!  John tabulated all entries and drew the name for me yesterday morning (I wanted to make sure everyone knows you were given an impartial tabulation with no hanging chads), and we got one!

Congrats, Miss Desiree Bolander!

Desi is not a blogger, but a blog lover and a HUGE supporter of both my personal and blog life.  She and I have been behind the bar together for years now, and it warms my heart to know they are going to a good home!  Also, I didn't have to pay shipping, which admittedly, ruled.  I will say, however, I had to STAPLE the gift bag shut for her last night because everyone was fawning over these pillows! 

Thank you so much to all that entered!  Our next giveaway will be even bigger and better.  In the meantime, go visit Sarah at Bring More Yarn, read my guest blog and comment to win the crochet collar I am wearing!  It's that easy. 

Meet Lindsey From hello, mr. rabbit!

I want to introduce you to Lindsey from hello, mr. rabbit.  I am going to let her take it from there.  She's like of like watching The Royal Tennenbaums for the first time, you can't possibly absorb every unique detail in one glance.  Her blog, as well as her photography tell a story.  Plus, she has one of the most beautiful faces on earth.  
 How do we find you?
Hello, Mr. Rabbit: instagram, facebook, twitter, etsy shop, flickr, tumblr
Why did you begin blogging?
 I started "Hello, Mr. Rabbit" in September of 2012 with the intentions of having an outlet for keeping track of my daily outfits, recipes, and little adventures. I started reading fashion and lifestyle blogs back when they first became a "thing", and after many years I decided I should have my own. I enjoy having a little space to document, and to show others how to find happiness of the simple daily things. 

  My favorite post I have blogged is here, and it is about exploring around Missouri Town. This was one of my very first blog posts and is my favorite thing to do in the fall in Kansas City. I love looking back on this post because it makes me nostiglic for fall and this time of the year. I remember this whole day so vivdly; the coldness of the season, the school uniform dress I wore for the first time, and documenting with my new camera. 

My daily life various on the seasons. During the school semesters, my life is schduled down to the last second. Being a student, part-time worker, and blogger makes for a very busy bee. My weeks consist of early mornings with my french press, school until the late afternoon, working for a few hours, coming home to homework, and photographing my day throughout. On weekends I like to lounge around in the morning hours, explore new places and shops in my city, and make things in my craft room. 

My favorite band is Empire Empire (I Was A Lonely Estate). My favorite color is pale pink. My favorite drink in the morning is black coffee and in the evening it is a Boulevard Pale Ale. 

I have two extremely fluffy and friendly cats. My boyfriend named both of them, Gutter and Whitecastle, and they are almost two years old. I am planning on getting a rabbit in the near future. 

Blogs to recommend? 
I feel as though I discover new blogs that I love every single day. My all time favorites though are Fancy Fine, Yours Truly,and  Esme and the Laneway.  
 Isn't she just a doll?


Please visit my beautiful friend Sarah and her blog, Bring More Yarn, for a guest post and GIVEAWAY on Friday Fatshion, written by yours truly.  Also, make sure to get your last minute entries in for our Laura Frisk giveaway!  Happy Friday! 

Getting Old Sucks

One day when I was a sophomore in high school, an album came out that changed my life.  It was called Vitalogy.  I had been a HUGE Pearl Jam fan up until that point, and even pre-ordered my copy through The Ten Club and if you're really old, you'll remember that.  The other day I was dropping off dishes at the dish station, and I heard a few clips from that album, as well as some Skankin' Pickle, Sublime and Nirvana.

 Our dishwashers are eighteen years-old max.  They both have tattoos everywhere, and they are in a band.   They are constantly arguing which song is better than another song, which band is better than another band.  That's all I ever did at that age too.  Ah, youth.  When I mentioned I was probably thirteen years-old when In Bloom came out, they both gasped.


Yes, thirteen, assholes.  Then, they tried to pull a fast one on me.  They put The Growlers on, not a nineties band by any means, but one which rules none the less.  When I was like, "is this the Growlers?" again, looks of shock.

Yeah, if the lead singer looks like this, I KNOW ABOUT THE BAND.  OH Brooks...I'll give you hotsy.

This is when I became annoyed and then subsequently stayed away from said dish station, as I was sure I was going to cause someone bodily harm by tossing something sharp their way.

As the evening wore on, I was finishing up my closing duties, and could hear the "kids" yelling and hollering in the back, over some of what I am sure was riveting dish-washing banter.  I had to drop off a ton of plates back there, and could barely think straight because their mix of Skrillex, laughing and yelling was giving me a migraine/nightmare.

They were arguing about drinking games.  Who can "kill it" at beer pong versus quarters, who drank Fireball Whiskey shots last weekend while playing King of Cups blah blah blah...

I took a slow stroll to the entrance to the "dish pit" (as it is so aptly named) and gave them a curious look.  I said, "I have an AWESOME game for you guys to play."  I could tell I had their attention because it was actually quiet for seven seconds before I said:

"Let's play... 'Who is the quietest dishwasher?'  Have you played that one before?!???!"
I think it took a while to process, but as soon as it did I was quickly informed I was a "smartass" and to "shut-up."  Then, I realized.

I am a smartass, but I'm also getting older.  Back in the day I would of argued the virtues of one album against another, made mixed CDs to try to prove my point, go to as many concerts as possible, and made sure that I read Rolling Stone like it was gospel, and SPIN like it was well...I don't know what's higher than the gospel but I guess the Ten Commandments?

Regardless, I have become that lady.  The lady on the bus who is annoyed by the noises kids make, the one who will go out of her way to not sit near them in restaurants, and don't even get me started on Hot Topic.  I remember my mother telling me, "I'll wait out here, the music in there is unbearable."  I thought, what a prude bitch.
This is what I am hoping for in my old age.

Now, I would rather eat a bag of glass than admit I have become like my mother in any way at all.  But, I can no longer deal with shopping there (not that I really ever did, except for the occasional Smiths t-shirt), nor can I enter those cute little accessory stores, because I have stretched ears (like a BOSS goddammit) so, the point is moot.

It hit me extra hard when I when to Target to try on shoes the other day.  My first question was not, "are these cute?" but "will my orthopedic inserts fit in here?"  Please kill me.  Love, Prude Bitch.

No Matter How Many Times I Watch Meloncholia I Still Don't Understand It

Yeah, I love this shirt.

shirt: ASOS shoes: Old Navy skirt: Target jewelry: black&bronze

Chivo loves my new shoes.

...and I'm a smart girl.  I just can't follow along because my attention span is like that of a fruit fly.  I have been enjoying a day off, and two day shifts this week, it almost feels like a vacation except for the constant upkeep of the house, me being paranoid and anxious over the location(s) of my mother's cat, and so on.

This morning, I watched a woman drive her sedan right into a light pole, just as I was turning the corner, walking four dogs.  I believe all was well, for some reason there were some twigs running by in sports bras, and they stopped to help.

I would have assisted, it's just, I had four dogs with me.  I got the dirtiest looks ever from the other walkers who began to come up over the embankment.  I wanted to yell, "What do you want me to do?"  Everyone has a cell phone, and I am NOT hanging out for the cops to come and ask me a million questions while my pitbull mix tries to kill him or her.  The driver exited the vehicle in one piece, albeit a little shaken, so I continued my walk.  Good Morning Corona!

John and I shot a few new outfit pictures, and since we're not confined to our usual spots, we made sure we used most of them again.

Please make sure to enter our group giveaway, as well as our Laura Frisk giveaway!  Lots of great gals and great goods up for grabs!  Oh, That rhymed.

GIVEAWAY!!! The Art of Laura Frisk!

This face, is stoked on our giveaway!


My new black&bronze necklace I am calling The "Great Gatsby".

Get over here Boxer!

We look great, I know.

Look!  She made this for me!

glasses: Zenni Optical necklace: black&bronze dress and sandals: Target tote and feather pin: The Art of Laura Frisk
Okay, so we have all heard me gush about The Art of Laura Frisk on my blog, see here!  I placed a custom order with her to make me a tote to match my cat, Katniss.  She already had the tote listed, and was even willing to mix custom colors just to get it right!  Talk about service and integrity, then she sends me these three beautiful pillows to giveaway to my readers!
 Okay, so the rules are as follows, because I REFUSE TO USE RAFFLECOPTER.




Meet Cara, From The Marvelous Flight of Cara

See here's one thing I've learned about blogging: you make friends quickly, and in "real life", you may never have given this person a second thought.  I may have mentioned before that I am a vehement atheist, while some of my biggest followers and friends, are all Christian.  We can get along, people.  What matters is what you REPRESENT.  And, today's Saturday Sponsor Spotlight belongs to someone who represents all things good, kind, meaningful and sweet.  Please meet Cara, from The Marvelous Flight of Cara.

All of her links:

What inspired her blogging?
It began as a faith journey when I was in Bible College back in 2008, and soon became a journal to follow my health journey of being diagnosed with fibromyalgia when I was 19, and now also includes my married life and lessons!
I'm proud of quite a few posts I've written, but if I had to choose a number one...
Well, here's a handful:

Tell us about an average day!
Wake up around 7:30 to begin getting ready for the work day with hubby, drive about 15 minutes to work, I work for a non-profit that is a church organization from 9 - 4 PM on the weekdays, then head home, get the mail, open all the windows and blinds to let the cool breeze and sunshine come through, clean up the home - wash any dirty dishes that were left in the sink, vacuum if need be, do the laundry once a week - then either read, blog, Skype or FaceTime with my momma or a friend, or watch The Office on Netflix while I wait for my hubby to get home! Then we eat dinner together and find something to watch, or we do our separate things but always in the same room and always giving each other our attention. Then I head to bed after I take all my supplements! 

Band: Relient K
Color: Turquoise and pink - but not together
Drink: I LOVE Big Train brand blended mochas, but I can't have sugar right now, so I dream about them.

Blog Faves:

Southern (California) Belle /

 All in all, an absolute doll.  See people, this is what happens when you stop caring about nail art and flower arranging, and get to the good shit.  I mean stuff.  Sorry Cara.

Upstairs, Downstairs

I live my life in a constant state of shuffling.  I am always moving my things, my laptop, my crochet stuff (which I STILL HAVEN'T STARTED), from room to room and bag to bag.  If my mother's cat is inside and it is past ten o'clock at night, I will be enjoying the rest of my evening in the garage.  With my three dogs.  And my cat.  And my fiance, with our dinner.  I just got of work from tending bar.  I can think of nothing more comfortable than sitting in a Coleman fold-up chair, as if at a sporting event, sitting in a sweltering garage that smells like fried chicken.

Doesn't this just scream..."comfort?"
We don't go inside due to an "issue" between our cats, and of course, my late hours, and subsequent noise.  It is apparently "too stuffy" with their door closed, and my cat and her cat well, they need Jackson Galaxy BIG TIME.  They like things quiet, and to me, stuffy.  The garage is stuffy but at least I can drop something without waiting for the obligatory, "everything ooookay?" which really means, "WHAT DID YOU BREAK?!?!?!"

I guess I should explain more clearly: MY FIANCE AND I LIVE WITH MY PARENTS.  Yes, I know what you're thinking, but it was a fiduciary issue, that became a necessity.  I think today marks the day we are halfway to our savings goal, and THAT RULES.   

I do not like writing downstairs.  I feel like my mother thinks I am playing Solitaire or "just looking at your phone for the millionth time."  She is also constantly interrupting me, to perform a chore, or to point out I don't know how to cook.

So, she yells from downstairs to me, in my room, upstairs.
I may run up and down these sixty times a day, yet, I am still a chubby bunny.  How does that work?





Fun facts my mom likes to forget after giving birth to me, and knowing me thirty-two years.  One, I hate the sun and two, I never eat before like...three in the afternoon.  My stomach is constantly wrought and I can't even eat without smoking pot, there, I said it.  

When I come down, she stares at me, makes a comment that pissed me off, so I went right back upstairs.  Thirty seconds later, I hear her yelling.
I love spending time with people who yell at me constantly.  Don't you?



Her: "OH."  This translates too: "I must have pissed her off, but I don't really care."


So then I slip my sweatshirt on, as not to offend anyone with my "tattoos that are merely for attention", and prepare myself for the inevitable:  I am going to be vacuuming something, very soon.

I Love Biting Off More Than I Can Chew

Lately, I have been determined to teach myself to crochet.  I have all the supplies, including a handmade special crochet bag, crochet books, crochet hooks, piles of yarn, crochet websites, and just recently I purchased a crochet pattern.

Yet, I can't crochet.  I haven't even begun.  I am determined to make this happen.  It's hard to want to learn to crochet at five thirty am, or when I come home from work and all I can think about is beer and television.  By the way, whatever happened to those knitting/crochet shows on DIY Network? 

So, I have set a (I HATE THIS WORD) goal that I will complete one of the Craftyminx Crochet School lessons per day, starting today!  I am going to try to track my progress here on the blog, so you guys can keep me in check.

I am going to temporarily close my Etsy store, until I am ready to really start aggressively thrifting, and hopefully I can start to sell some crocheted items as well.  Looming things is just too damn hard.  It takes me FOREVER to make anything, and I know there is an easier way.

Another "project" I am working on is basically TOP SECRET, and will take some time to evolve.  I am not much of a graphic designer, hell, the A Beautiful Mess app is far as I get in "graphic design."  I am trying to decide how to go about doing it, and if I do it right...I know I can make it life changing.

Also, I want to start to begin working on my novel about my life, predominately my college experience and shortly thereafter.  I want to be sure to highlight my years at Pepperdine, as well as working at the flower shop.  I'm just not sure where to begin.  "Well, one day, I was shaving my boss' back..."  I mean, you'd read that, right?  I think I will tell a few more "stories" from my days there, and see how they are received.
John and I are also in the process of saving money, so I will no longer (extremely sad face) be posting my Friday's Fawns  for awhile, at least until I get my bonus.  Tee-hee.  However, it is KEY that we get the hell out of here.  We have been looking to re-locate to Long Beach or Downtown Whittier, so I have been "dream-looking" at places on Craigslist.

Do you think this one is still up for sale?  Do you think I have enough stuff going on?  Please, help me crochet.

The Fastest Way to a Bloggers Heart...A GIVEAWAY!!!

Hello Lovelies!

I am so excited to announce the start of my largest monthly sponsor giveaway ever! I have eleven ladies, including myself have joined together to give you an amazing giveaway!

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What's Up for Grabs:
3 Months of Ad Space from Natalie
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Yes, I Lost the Salvia in the Backyard

My parents went out of town last night.  To commemorate this lovely occasion, I have decided to tell y'all about ANOTHER time my parents went out of town, long, long ago.

My brother had and continues to have an AWESOME group of friends from high school, who subsequently became mine, after I moved to Corona after college.  We used to throw some KILLER parties, me being twenty-three and all helped a lot.  Let's just say I made a lot of trips to either the grocery store or the gas station with such incentives offered as: five dollars or, if I was lucky..."the change."

One of these parties we decided to turn it up a notch.  Most all of us smoked weed then (except for Jon, dumbass and now you DO---do not understand) but anyway, we decided to purchase some "salvia" from our local headshop, of course getting the like super Jerry Garcia kind...because we were stupid.  I remember we had a baggie of it and we were passing it around the patio table, each of us having our own, uniquely horrible/hilarious/helpless experiences.

For those of you unfamiliar with salvia, Miley Cyrus smoked it and cracked up, remember the TMZ clip?  Google it, because I refuse to put it on here.  I cannot deal with her. 
This is what it looks like...naturally growing.

This is what it looks like dried, ready to take you straight to hell in one rip.
These are the kind of people that smoke it.

This is what it makes you act like.
So of course, my friend Juan and I decide to be "in charge" of the stash, which is really code for, "we are going to smoke all of this" and we lurked around the corner to the trash can area to smoke.

I cannot describe the way it made me feel.  It was like riding a roller-coaster for thirty seconds, while doing a line of coke, while laughing at the funniest thing ever.  I HATED IT.  I felt like I had PTSD and LSD all in one hit.  I'm pretty sure I cried.  I like to do that when I do drugs for some reason.
I'd rather do this than salvia again.
My friend Juan seemed to be taking it a lot easier than I was, I think I wandered off into a cactus somewhere and started talking to it.  Eventually, it wore off completely, and quite quickly too.  Then, I reached in my pocket, because OBVIOUSLY I want to smoke more because that makes all the sense in the world.

I can't find it.  I scream at Juan.  I go to the trash cans.  I go through the trash cans.  Nothing.  I start telling everyone to start looking for a red container.  Everyone pretty much ignores me, except for my brother, who like me, was probably thinking, "WHAT IF MOM AND DAD FIND IT?!?!?"

We did not find it until the morning, where it was gingerly sitting on top of the garden hose.  Great job, Alli...totally logically placed.  I think this was also the same night I drank too much, slept outside and threw up all night long.  I woke up to my brother hosing off  my regurgitated french fries covering the patio, shaking his head.  Shit, I hope this week is as fun as that.  Let's get some salvia!