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Rebel's necklace

the "vintage" chain

my necklace

I thought readers may be interested to know what eventually became of the "necklace" situation that I had talked about in an earlier post.  I was contacted by the seller, asking me if I was going to send the necklace back, and I decided not to respond.  I left neutral feedback, with nothing written, and left it at that.  I chalked it up to a lesson learned.  Well, imagine my shock when I, working hard behind the bar, felt a vibration in my pocket that could only be an email.  Well, it could be a couple other things but...never mind! Anyway, imagine my shock to see I had a new comment on MY BLOG from "Elizabeth" that read as follows:  

Hi Allison. Hi Everybody. I'm the terrible seller.

Allison, it's a bummer that I have to contact about this in such a manner but it's also bummer that this is how I had to find out that you were unhappy. I'm sorry if you took my brevity for being a really flip asshole or not being apologetic. I am sorry that you bought a thing that excited you, waited for it, and then had it fail you. It sucks to be disappointed.

I suggested that you bring your necklace to a local jeweler because that would be the most immediately gratifying solution. On the other hand, choosing to send an item back to be fixed does take longer but is not all that uncommon. In this case, I would either send you a return postage sticker (takes longer, but you just drop your item in the mail) or Paypal you the funds to cover the shipping back to Rhode Island. I think the listing states that all parts of the this necklace are made from vintage pieces. Unfortunately, that might be the reason behind the bum chain. If you wanted the necklace fixed, I would be more than willing to put a different chain on it. All you need to do is ask.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning the R word: refund. If you are that unhappy with your purchase, asking for a refund is not that awful of a thing. If we can move this discussion to Etsy, I'll gladly talk refunds with you. Speaking of, I found this review because our conversation about your necklace ended abruptly and I was concerned about what you had chosen to do. Since you didn't get back to my last message, I wanted to check and make sure that you were, you know, still alive. So, you can imagine how disappointed I was to find out abut your displeasure not from you, but from the Internet.

My reaction:

Thank you so much for posting on my blog! That was about the most rude thing I have ever seen! It's called free speech, I exercise it. The reason I did not contact you was because I hate conflict like this, and thought I would just let it go. I never mentioned your name or showed the product, and if you READ the post you would know I was terribly conflicted about the whole situation. The "flip" way you spoke to me, or offering me the still LUDICROUS idea of taking it to a jeweler...please. In fact, I did take it to a jeweler after our chat and he was the one who told me the chain was cheap. Vintage chain? You must think I am a moron. Oh, and guess what? The other necklace broke too! They both broke in the EXACT same place. So you want to talk the "R" word, as you put it? Absolutely. I demand one now.

Imagine the violation I felt knowing this person felt the need to attack me in my own tee pee, my own backyard...my safe place.  I thought what I had posted was extremely diplomatic, and honest.  I just wanted to know what others would do in the situation, instead of jumping to conclusions and leaving negative feedback as well as demanding a refund.  I still cannot believe the way she acted surprised that I discussed this on the blog.  HELLO?!?  When I first messaged you I told you I was going to feature the necklaces.  Did that slip your mind?  Well, I have a response for her, which until now I have been nice enough not to mention her business name, but I'm going to go ahead and make sure I never purchase anything from With Care Jewelry ever, ever again, and neither should you.  Unless you want to go to the jeweler after.

I Love Autumn Bee!

Beeeeeez nutz!  Sorry, couldn't resist.  We all know I am a fourteen year-old boy, deep down on the inside.  Regardless, I wanted to feature yet another fantastic woman, blogger, artist and friend.  I was always an admirer of her blog, and especially of  those lashes, whoo girl!  Imagine my excitement when she reached out to ME, and began supporting my blog and sharing it with her readers.  A real gem, I tell ya.  Anyway, my dears, it's time to introduce you to my friend, Autumn Bee from Gypsybeee the Blog.

Autumn Bee // Gypsybeee
I'm a California native currently posted up in the STL! That's in the Midwest if you weren't sure!
I blog all about mid century treasures, handmade goodies, and my two little love bugs.
Outside of blogging you can find me homeschooling, knitting and crocheting cute accessories and toys, roaming the isles of all my favorite thrift stores, and running my two etsy shops. I also love photography, cooking, and up cycling vintage furniture.
I'm a confusing mixture of 1950's/60's housewife and 90's child, I love peter pan collars and a good ole pair of jellies.
I may or may not have a horribly annoying personality, I don't know, I don't care. I swear too much, I'm quite fond of dry humor and sarcasm, and I strive to laugh like  Fran Drescher (yes, that is an actual goal). I'm addicted to the worst movies like Super Star and Gentleman Broncos and I quote them whenever appropriate, or not, either way. 
The Spice Girls are still my favorite group of all time and of course Ginger is my girl! Pop culture in general is a huge weakness of mine. I'm a tattoo lover and no matter how much my husband tries to talk me out of it I will have a My Little Pony tattoo. 
I make a lot of strange faces and voices when I'm telling important stories, I love anything pastel, and fluffy animals make my heart explode, so basically I'm just a really sassy seven year old girl stuck inside the body of an adult (that apparently looks like Adele). Stop on by and chat with me about yarn, thrifting, and cutesy things.

Autumn has been an overwhelming source of both inspiration and support for me, and I hope you enjoy her blog as much as I do.  The two of us have quite a few things in common, and it's great to FINALLY meet other bloggers who respect each other, and want to aid in the success of other blogs.  Besides being super hot, she is also super rad.  And those are the kind of chicks we like around here!

The Nerdbiskit Giveaway Winner is Announced!

Well, I know you're all dying to know who won the bag of loot from our pal Lisa over at nerdbiskit.com, and I must say it was a pretty easy raffle, considering we only had a few entries.  So, this is what I decided to do...since we only had three entries, I decided to divide the loot up amongst you, that way everyone wins!  Since Bethany over at The Sepia Puppy had the most entries, she is the proud winner of the totebag.  Miss Rebel over at The Rebel and the Railroader will be the winner of a handmade mustache, and Miss Hannah May will be will be the winner of a button and bottle opener!  I'll be messaging you today to set you up with Lisa.  Thank you so much for participating!  The most thanks goes to Lisa, for making it all possible.

I wanted to draw your attention to a couple of posts I recently read, and I was really moved by both of them, and I hope you give them a read.  Both address a topic I am eager to blog about personally, and I'd like to get some feedback from my readers.  Please visit my pal Bre over at Peacoats and Plaid
and read this awesome post.  Then follow her link or mine to another fantastic blog Bold Butter Baby, and read about her experience at Blissdom.  Really fascinating and slightly depressing that people treat each other this way..cliques of "mean girls" etc, when we should all be working hard to help promote and encourage each other.  I love what Bre had to say!!! Give 'em hell, girls!

The Sepia Puppy: I'm featured at "Okay, Allison!"

The Sepia Puppy: I'm featured at "Okay, Allison!": For those of you who don't know  Me and this lovely gal Allison have some SERIOUS blog-love going on with each other We met by...

And Then...I Got the Liebster Award!

What an awesome week this is turning out to be!  After all the crap I dealt with over the weekend, and my never ending battle with anxiety, I thought I was going to freak the hell out.  Thanks to friends like Bethany and Rebel, I have made it through.  And then, I got this awesome email from my new friend Lisa at The Owl and the Olive and decided to make my week by nominating me for the Liebster Award.

What is this, you ask?  Merely an award given to bloggers, by bloggers who admire others' work, and want to encourage readership to smaller blogs, who deserve more followers.  I am so grateful and honored to be involved.  Basically, I answer eleven questions given to me by Lisa, and then I come up with eleven random facts about myself, and then I nominate others to receive the award.  It's mainly directed at newer blogs, or blogs who deserve new followers, but I decided to throw in my favorites, as well as some young bloods like myself.

Here are my first questions and answers.  I will try not to offend.  Yeah, not really.

1. What's your favorite place to eat?

You might die to know this, but I love the Olive Garden.  However, my favorite restaurant is a little Venezulan place called Mil Jugos in Santa Ana, California.

2. If you could pick, what would be your dream job?

I want to do visuals for an awesome company like...Anthro, but I'd also like to open my own bakery someday as well.

3. Who or what inspired you to get into blogging?

I first started reading and following blogs after shopping on Etsy.

4. How would you describe your perfect day?

My perfect day would include: NOT WORKING, being alone in my house, taking my pups on a casual, sunny walk, hitting some thrift stores, eating arepas with my man, perhaps getting a manicure and eating a LOT of Hawaiian food.  Oh yes, and a BIG chocolate peanut butter milkshake from Baskin Robbins.

5. Who is your biggest inspiration?

Probably my best friend Rebel, who writes over at The Rebel and the Railroader. 
Oh yeah, and Morrissey, Salinger, RuPaul, Johnny Weir and Oscar Wilde.  Sensing a theme here?

6. If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?

A house in Hawaii, donations to animal and AIDS charities, and making sure I can see Morrissey all over the world.

7. What's the craziest thing you've ever done?

I drunkenly announced I was going to take myself and my chi-poo Chivo down a children's slide, which just happened to be slick as hell, causing me to eat shit and give myself a gorgeous scar.  Also, I was a heroin addict for years.  Crazy?  No, that's just stupid I guess.

8. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

San Francisco

9. What was your favorite thing as a kid?

I love stuffed animals!  I have an insane collection, and I intend to have a stuffed animal of most creatures on this wonderful planet by the time I die. I still live or die over She-Ra, The Dark Crystal and SLOTHS.  I became obsessed as a child and I still am as an adult.  I also read any and every book I could get my hands on.

10. What's your biggest pet peeve?

Ignorance and bad tippers.

11. How has blogging changed your life?

I have met the best friend a girl could ask for, I have made new pals that I love and adore, and I get the chance to express my viewpoint from my twisted side of the world.  I get to give presents to sweet people I may have never known, or been able to touch in a positive way.


1. I love certain guilty pleasures such as: Billy Joel, Michael McDonald, Huey Lewis and the News, not to mention the Pointer Sisters and Egyptian Lover.  End of story.

2. I have an unhealthy obsession with sloths, foxes and basically every animal known to man.

3.  My first tattoo was my Morrissey chestpiece and it took three hours and spans my whole breast plate.  Hahahah I said breast plate.

4.  I met my fiance online. 

5. I cannot deal with people cracking their knuckles or feet.

6. I wear men's underwear to bed.

7. I graduated from a Christian college, attended Catholic school, all while knowing I was a vehement atheist.  

8. I'm half Polish, a quarter Hawaiian and a quarter Irish.  Go figure.

9. I HATE scary movies.  I can't deal.  Candyman ruined my life.

10. Tia and Tamera Mowry were in my college graduating class, so was Eric Christian Olsen.

11.  I cannot continue eating while someone has blown their nose either near me, at the same table or within earshot.  If I am at a restaurant, my food is TO GO.

My nominees:

The Rebel and the Railroader


The Sepia Puppy


Little Red Bowtalk



Deaf in the Kitchen





My questions for my nominees are the same as above, I liked them too much!!!

Sponsor Feature: Meet Bethany from the Sepia Puppy!

Dear Readers!  It's been high time I introduce you to one of my favorite blogs, blog writers, and all around fantastic person: Bethany Kline.  She has the been the FIRST and probably most prolific supporter of my blog since it's inception.  Her brilliance, wit and charms help me make it through everyday.  I thought this was also an excellent way to showcase the way a vehement atheist and a Christian can have a meaningful, wondrous friendship, without having to involve discussion of our personal faiths at all, especially after all the BS I dealt with yesterday on IG.  Bethany has been there for me, regardless of the circumstance, and I think that makes her pretty damn special.  Plus, she made me a fox scarf.  Just Kidding!  No, I mean she really did...but that's not the only reason I love her.

I'm Bethany and I am the creator of The Sepia PuppyThe Sepia Puppy is a Tribute to my favorite animal, the cuttlefish.  I think they are freakin' adorable {like puppies!!}, and they are crazy smart and versatile.  They are also the source of Sepia ink.  So there you have it:  The Sepia Puppy.

Where are you from? Where do you live?
I grew up about 20 minutes from Atlanta, GA, but now I live in podunk little ol' Louisville GA.  I love living in the country and having privacy and space.  

What do you blog about?

I blog about just about anything and everything.  I don't really have a set theme.  I blog my photography, my family life, food, crafts, DIY, crochet,, and so on... you name it, I blog it.  I love taking pictures and I love creating or recreating things, and I run a very photo-heavy blog! I like to be thorough with out being boring.

What are some of your hobbies or interest outside of the blogosphere?

I love crocheting, it has gotten to the point where I can't just watch TV anymore, my hands get bored without a hook in them.  I love taking pictures and finding beauty in things we normally look over.  I love being a dork and playing video games with my kids and husband and spending time with my Dad.  I love driving, and I look for any excuse I can to get out of the house and behind the wheel.  I also have a weakness for shopping... especially at Target, I could spend days in there.

Tell us more about yourself.

My blogging style I would say is casual, You have to be fast and easy to get people to sit down and want to read your words.  I like reaching people and hopefully making a difference in their lives, even if it is tiny, minuscule even.  I am going to school online between all my wife and mommy duties so that I can become a psychologist, specializing in marriage/couples and Christian counseling, I am passionate about helping people be better, and love better.  I have 2 kids {for now ;-)} Tristan, 8, and Grace (or "Bunny" as we call her), 2.  I am married to my high school sweetheart and we are so dorky in love it's just stupid, we could literally spend every waking moment together, if it didn't mean we wouldn't get a single thing done.  We have a huge dopey dog named Maggie {She's an Irish Wolfhound} and she is as lovely as she is clumsy and a Poly-dactyl cat named Claymore who we just generally love laughing at because his feet are so ridiculous, but he's a sweety.  I am obsessed with all things cephalopod, and thusly my blog "mascot" is a cuttlefish (my personal fave) I love them.  
SO, get your happy ass over to The Sepia Puppy!

My Heartfelt Apology

Last evening, my best friend Rebel, drew my attention to a posting on IG.  It seemed that a young lady we both follow, was ranting about a woman who had sent her a care package.  She apparently has a shop, and claimed this woman ordered something from her shop, merely to get her address.  Then this "cruel" woman decided to send her a care package.  When she has the young lady if she had received it, she began to rant about how the woman was stalking her on social media.

I left a comment on her IG, mentioning that for someone who claims to be "Christian" and sells things online, that this is pretty ridiculous.  If you buy/sell things online, people can get your address.  Even if you don't, there are creepers out there.  Ask my BFF Rebel, who went through a REAL stalker situation that ended in both a scary and violent way.  Stalking is a crime.  If it's happening, call the police.  However, I don't think the police are going to be concerned about a care package unless it has a dead lamb in it, or is filled with explosives.  If you don't want the package, just refuse it.  Easy as that.

So, after I made this remark, I received a barrage of bullshit from "Christian" moms, calling me a hater (super mature), reposting pictures of my comment on their IGs, and bullying me, as well as Rebel.  Let me say one thing, and if it bothers you, you never have to read this blog again.  I am a vehement atheist.  However, that does not mean that I do not subscribe to "Christian moral pillars" such as honesty, integrity and kindness.  One of my BIGGEST, KINDEST most AWESOME blog pals is a Christian.  She and I have never even had the "religion" discussion, because it doesn't matter.  We support each other, we love each other, and encourage each other.  To me, that's as "Christian" as it gets.

Let me tell you something about myself, if you don't already know by now.  I'm a young lady who speaks her mind, and if I see something that I think is whack, I'm going to say something about it.  I even told one of the biggest bloggers in the sphere (or so she thinks) that the plugs she buys are great but "expensive."  She proceeded to rip me a new one and tell me that I could always use a coupon code, which just so happened to be the one that gives points to her rep code.  No thanks selfish brat.

Hiding behind "the cross" and saying rude things to me on IG is probably not what Jesus would have wanted, but I'm not worried about Jesus really.  I was educated at a Christian college, and received my degree from that University.  I done learned me my scripture.  I know what kind of energy I put out there, I know what kind of person I am and I love it.  I make no bones about it.

What these women, these MOTHERS were admonishing me with, telling me I am a bad person, telling me to mind my own business, really shocked me.  The original seller whom I commented on, was holding a anti-self-harm phone case in her last picture, which cracked me the hell up.  I have been a self-harmer since childhood, and still struggle with it as an adult.  No phone case ever saved me.  Kindness and understanding helped me, and as far as I know, those are both Christian values.  These women all seemed to demand that I give Miss I-Don't-Like-Social-Media a "heartfelt" apology.

Well here it is: go fuck yourself.

gypsybeee [theblog]: Things I Love Thursday//Sponsor Edition.

gypsybeee [theblog]: Things I Love Thursday//Sponsor Edition.: I thought it would be fun to ask all of my sponsors what they were loving this month and they gave my wishlists that made my heart swoon....

Etsy Addiction Goes Awry, Please Advise

Sorry kids.  I have been rather ill lately, and I have not been able to post as of late!  I also have been working A TON, trying to hoard my "fun" money for moments just like this.  All week long I have been dreaming of today...when my paycheck arrives via the magic of a Direct Deposit Visa card, and  that card is about to do some serious work. 

Exhibit A:

You can visit Carly's awesome shop, black and bronze via Etsy, but I follow her on Instagram, and whoo-lordy am I glad I do!  Look at these sweet things:
Yes, that's right I swooped up the longer of these two, made of sterling silver, so I NEVER have to take it off...and I am never going to!

Up next, is an awesome CUSTOM made fox scarf that my pal Bethany over at The Sepia Puppy was kind enough to whip up for me.  Bethany has been a constant supporter of my blog and I can't thank her enough, so I want to support her art in any way I can.  Check out my sweet scarf below, and her Etsy store here.

Finally, (maybe)...another addition to my sloth collection, the most awesome sloth t-shirt I have spotted so far:

 This one is from Zen Threads, and it basically rules my world.  This one comes in womens XL, which is another reason I LOVE IT, because my lumberjack arms will fit comfortably inside.

If I am able to order this dress in a larger size...it might be purchased as well!  I about died when I started browsing Jennifer Lilly on Etsy, and her dresses are to die for.  This is the one I am currently obsessed with:

Depending on how many obscure band t-shirts I have to purchase for John (the man gets gifts too), I may just go ape and get it all.  Oh, and this too, from Passive Juice Motel:

Yeah, I'm out of control.  But I love buying handmade! Have you entered the Nerdbiskit Giveaway yet? You only have a couple more days and I have like...one entry.  As happy as I would be to give everything to her...let's get going people.

I wanted to reach out to readers and ask them about "not-so-great" experiences with Etsy sellers.  Have you had any?  If so, what happened?  I know some of my readers are Etsy vendors themselves and I would LOVE your feedback on the following situation.  

I just recently had my first Etsy disappointment, and I am debating whether or not to pursue it further with the seller.  I just recently purchased two matching "best friends" necklaces, and mine broke within about five minutes of wearing it.  I messaged the seller, and because I am not savvy with jewelry, I attempted to describe the situation.  She suggested I take it to a jeweler to have it repaired.  My mind was blown.  I could not believe someone would not be more embarrassed, nay apologetic about having something break so quickly.  She wrote: 

"Sending a picture would help me to better advise you what to do however, if you want to save time, I think many jewelry places will be able to retwist your ring into place for little to no charge.

Even without finer pliers, you may be able to press it back into place with regular pliers, a little squinting, and some decent leverage- if you still have the jump ring, that is.

Otherwise, if you want to send it back, I can fix it for you and will gladly cover the postage."

After I sent pictures, it turns out that my chain was merely broken.  With further close investigation I noticed how cheap the chain was, and realized that replacing it with the same quality was really not a solution.  I'm a human being who happens to be mobile, not a thrash rocker who jumps around and freaks out all the time.  If I send this all the way back to Rhode Island, first of all, how are YOU covering the postage and secondly, am I just going to get the same quality of chain again?  All these thoughts were racing through my mind, and after I sent her the pictures and explained my fear of it breaking again if I attempted to fix it, she replied with this: 

"Okay. Send it on back and I'll put a new chain on it for you."

Wow.  What customer service.  Then, I realized something even more frightening.  I just sent one of these to my best friend.  What if it snaps on her within the first few moments as well?  Then what the hell am I going to do?  Ask her to send it back to this super-friendly seller?  "Oh sorry girl, do you mind packing it up and shipping it to Rhode Island?  She'll magically cover the postage."  

I don't know what to do.  I ripped my charm off the chain, and hooked it up to my charm necklace, all in a fit of rage.  To quote my BFF, "you could of gotten better quality and customer service at Claire's."  Sadly, she is absolutely right, and I don't want her to be.  I am obviously not sending the necklace back, but what do I do?  Do I leave a cold reply and negative feedback?  Do I ask for half my money back?  Do I wait until the other one breaks and demand a full refund?  I have NEVER had a negative experience with any Etsy seller before, and I am so confused.  I had this whole diatribe written down, ready to send, but I decided to reach out to my clan first and get some feedback.  So, what would you do?

Arrow in the Eye Giveaway

Because I was sick...I COMPLETELY FORGOT about this giveaway over at Arrow in the Eye! Please visit and add these lovely sponsors below, for your chances at a bunch of awesome stuff!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway Time with Nerdbiskit!!!




Where are you from? Where do you live?
I'm originally from a tiny little town called Southampton, in Ontario Canada. (Don't bother looking for it, you'll never find it. It's that small.) Currently residing in the generic suburbia of Oakville, Ontario (just forty minutes from big city Toronto.) 
Mostly I blog about my two cats, mustaches, tea, dresses... and of course, my crafts!

What are some of your hobbies?
Crafting is my number one. I also like petting cats, drinking tea, vintage dress shopping, hanging out with friends and family, cooking, reading, biking, watching movies/TV shows, laughing, designing, and sometimes (if there's time) taking naps!

What inspires you, and what do you create?
I have a crafting business called nerdbiskit – plush & print treats for geeks. This includes a line of buttons, bottle opener keychains, pocket mirrors, character tote bags, catnip kitty toys, plush mustaches, screen-printed tees, and fleece taco pillows. All of it is very tongue-in-cheek and is best enjoyed with a sense of humour.

I guess humour is part of what inspires my passion for crafting and illustrating. Everything I make or design is silly in some way – whether it be a meme on a button, or a smiling catnip stuffed taco, or a wearable plush mustache! Life can be overwhelming for everyone at times, so I just want to bring a few smiles into the world any way that I can. I sell my products at local craft shows, markets, and conventions, and also online via Etsy. https://www.etsy.com/shop/nerdbiskitplush

Eventually, I plan to take over the world with my crafting – so stay tuned!

So, visit Lisa's website and check out her stuff! For one entry, leave a comment on her blog about the giveaway!  For another easy entry leave ME a comment about what your favorite NERDBISKIT item is.  For extra entries, follow her using the links below, and leave ME a comment each time you do.  Again, entries will be accepted until 1PM PST March 22, 2013.

Thanks again to Lisa, she has been a HUGE support for myself and my blog, plus her hair is freakin' adorable!!! 


Deaf in the Kitchen: Sponsor Spotlight ~ "Okay, Allison"!"

Deaf in the Kitchen: Sponsor Spotlight ~ "Okay, Allison"!": Your name and name of your blog  Allison Kennedy of "Okay, Allison!" Where are you from? Where do you live? I'm fr...

Why is it SO HOT and Why are you SO DUMB?

It's ninety degrees and we're nowhere near the Caribbean seas.  I had an eventful morning, try to get all my errands done before the sun turned this hellhole into a sweltering jungle.  By the time John and I were ready to shoot today, it was already hotter than hell.  We're taking it easy today, after this post I'll be cracking some Pyramid Apricot Wheat and tuning the hell out.  I work the next six days. 

This seemed to be a difficult concept for a certain co-worker of mine to grasp...she texted me earlier asking me to work for her and I told her I could not, as I work the next six days.

Her: "You can work tonight, it's a new week."

Me: "Yes, I understand it's a new week.  I work the next six days after this."

Her: (literally) "No work ifs okay, I can pick up your Monday if you can pick up my on call."

Me: "Yes, I will pick up your on-call.  No I cannot work tonight, I still will have six shifts."

Her: "It's Wednesday, it's a new week."

Finally, I called her and with the patience of a gnat, and her with the intelligence of one, explained it one more time.  She proceeded to tell me her son has a baseball game tonight.  As far as I know, that still doesn't change the labor laws.  I'm pretty sure she still thinks I can work tonight and I'm just being a bitch.  And she's half-right.

dress: Old Navy shoes: Target belt: Wal-Mart bangles and frames: Tumbleweeds HC plugs: Body Jewelry Source


Happy Happy Happy!

boots: Target dress: Wal_mart bangles, Lolita frames: Tumbleweeds HC plugs: body Jewelry Source

peep my rad rings from Rebel, my engagement ring was my mother's

homemade tattoos are always the best
 Today John got a new job!  I am so excited, it is a little farther than I would like, but all the more motivation for us to move out of Corona.  I'm already looking at cute little old houses in Whittier. I'm day dreaming of not getting yelled at at five am, because my cat accidentally knocked something over when she was scared.  I'd also never like to see a Metal Mullisha sticker again, and get back to regularly attending concerts at small, intimate venues.  I look forward to REAL craft fairs and record stores.  Oh boy.  I'm getting ahead of myself.  I thought I'd go ahead and update y'all on all my current happenings, as always, this, like so many cool things was stolen from Jess at Milky Robot.


RuPaul's Drag Race, of course, because it's getting down to the "Dragnificent Seven"!  Go Alaska!  I am also currently hooked on Shameless, shamelessly.

I'm on a good one for anything Smiths or Morrissey related, since having just seen him, but I'm also currently hooked on some old-school booty jams by Ludacris and wait for it...Missy Elliott.  I know I'm a late bloomer on Alabama Shakes,  but damn they are good.

Nerdbiskit giveaway time! I'm also looking very forward to featuring my friend Bethany and her blog, The Sepia Puppy.  She is making me an ADORABLE fox scarf, and as soon as it's ready I'll be doing all "all fox" post.  I am putting together care packages for a lot of pals, and slowly but surely, I am getting them out there. 

Getting contact lenses, that way I don't have to take all nine million of the frames I plan on buying from Tumbleweeds HC to the optometrist.  
Getting the hell out of here.

Emails, texts and Instagrams from the best friend a girl could have,  Rebel and the Railroader.
I am planning on shooting a DIY of something I am making for her, but she is so good at everything I'm too scared to even attempt it---but when I see and read all the dope stuff and awesome encouragement, I gotta do it.

Finding awesome dresses at Wal-Mart, my new iPhone case, and my man.

Being Bullied Apparently NEVER ENDS



Well, clever people. (Name withheld)  married an attorney so stand by for a massive claim for defamation of character based on this false and outrageous posting. We have copies, so a delete makes no difference to the claim. But if you don't delete this posting Alison within 24 hours, we will claim punitive damages. 

First of all, my name is A-L-L-I-S-O-N.  I am within my first amendment rights telling a story about how I was bullied and mistreated.  Sorry that you can't handle that, and I am also sorry you can't be an adult and communicate in an adult way, with an apology, which I am owed.  I graduated from Pepperdine with a concentration in Constitutional Law so bring your claim, defamation of character will be next to impossible to prove, considering this is the internet and I am protected by the first amendment.  You are a bully, just like your wife, and you deserve each other.

The old post "amended" to protect the bullies:

So I think I may have mentioned I went to Catholic school.  Well, went summers came around, something had to be done with me, because both my parents worked full-time.  Our family was too spread apart to really "babysit" me, so sometimes I went to Day Camp.

The Novato YMCA had a Day Camp program for kids of elementary-school age, and my mom informed me I would be spending the duration of my summer enjoying their company.  This horrified me.  I much preferred annoying my cousins, bothering my dad at work, and being home alone at a unreasonable age.

I was very, very afraid of having to be introduced into another "social" situation like school.  It was hard enough for me to find a few freaks to sit in some bushes with, now I had to do it all over again?  I was mortified.  I think I cried hysterically the entire drive to the building.

My mom dropped me off, as she always did, with assurance I would be fine.  I was introduced to my director, my counselor and given a color-coded t-shirt for my age group.  I bought a Minute Maid juice box and hid in the locker room.

All the children looked hostile as hell.  There was no real order to activities, I saw some playing ping-pong, some playing outside on a playground, most were inside coloring or just wreaking general havoc.  I think I stayed in that locker room/restroom for the duration of that day, and many days after that.

Fields trip were the worst, crammed on some old school bus, heading to Angel Island or Alcatraz, some very cold and windy tourist spot, which in my mind, was obviously lousy with kidnappers.  I think that again, I made friends with a girl who picked her nose and ate it, and some chubby boy who sweated too much.

We were always forced to do this ridiculous chant they had made up to encourage us:

"Laura Scudders peanut butter, Day Camp, Kinder Camp, Hawaaaaaaaiiiiian Punch!" What in the hell was that about?  I wanted to escape, hop the fence of the YMCA and to run out to the Northridge Mall and hide in my favorite store, Rave.

Then one day, something crazy happened.  This super popular girl from my school, whom we will refer to as Fiona Cantfightherownbattles, signed up for Day Camp.  I knew because I saw her name on the daily sign in sheet on the front desk.  Then, I saw her, just as I had done that first day, sitting alone just outside the restroom.  I figured she would probably look the other way, ignore me, or make a snide remark- the same way she treated me at school.

Instead, she ran towards me like we were long lost lovers.  She gave me a hug! She explained how afraid she was, that she didn't know anyone else there and that she couldn't "believe my mother stuck me in THIS place."

I was so happy to finally have someone to talk to, I gave her a tour.  I showed her all the high points: the vending machine, the brand new computers, and of course, the library.  I showed her all the low points too: the area where the birds will poop on your head (I learned that one from personal experience), places where mean boys would try to corner you for your snack money, and the very intimidating area of the multipurpose room where the popular girls hung out.  I explained how I had no idea what their names were, or where they went to school, since they had made it pretty clear they wanted nothing to do with me.

Fiona and I spent the day together, playing games and getting excited about our field trip to the city pool the next day.  I was so happy to know I would not be alone, singing another stupid song about peanut butter or some crap, all alone.  I decided to save her a seat on the bus the next day.

She sat next to me, but as soon as one of the popular girls asked her about her bathing suit and coordinating bag, she switched seats.  Then, when we got to the pool, she swam with me for all of thirteen seconds before the "cool girls" asked her to play "mermaids" with them.  I swam over to where they were, and tried to join in.  As far as I could tell, "mermaids" meant you held your nose underwater and swam around trying to look cute.  I imagined myself, just like the other girls, swimming so delicately and beautifully.  I came up for air, those girls were gone.

I grabbed my towel and headed for the locker room.  I saw Fiona trailing the popular girls, talking to the leader.  I called out to her, and she glaringly pointed to the changing room.  As they started to change into dry clothes, the conversation continued.  The ringleader of the bitches was going on and on.

"I JUST KNEW we would be friends!  When I first saw you and I was like, I NEED to talk to that girl.  She's so cool!"  She was handing Fiona a pixi stick like it was a fucking award.  I will never forgive myself for opening my mouth after that moment.  I said, "What did you think of me when you first saw me?"

They all burst into laughter, including Fiona.  Laughter like Jim Carrey on In Living Color laughter.  Laughter like the pain of her words about to come.

"You don't want to know what I thought of you when I first saw you."

They then turned, and walked away, taking turns making fun of my question and of course, laughing at their answer.  I don't think I need to tell you how that made me me feel.  I don't think I need to tell you I begged my mother to take me out of that camp, and she did.  I don't think I need to tell you that as soon as school started again, Fiona didn't speak to me.