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First I started following her on Instagram, because I have a problem with eyebrows, eyeliner, cat eyes, you name it.  My mom never taught me anything about makeup (probably because she didn't wear much) but all the same, it was definitely an area in which I lacked tutelage.  I have smaller eyes, so it's hard for me to watch all these videos on YouTube where the chick has eyelids the size of small platters, and I am like...yeah this isn't going to work.  Enter Chelsee, and her blog Southern Beauty Guide.  Saved my life, and the life of my eyebrows.

Where can we find you, Miss?

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What inspired you to start blogging?
It all began in March of 2012, I honestly started following one blogger and in the at the time I was getting hit pretty hard on Facebook with people asking for information on products and tutorials, so I decided what better way to give them what they want then to start a blog. Specifically, I wanted to start a Beauty Blog to provide a forum to answer their questions and to help anyone needing it.  

Blog post you are most proud of?

How do you balance everything?  What is an average day like for you?

Well my day starts off pretty normal. First of all once I wake up, I check my phone and attempt to drag myself out of bed. I am not really a morning person, so sometimes this is super difficult. After taking a long hot shower I start getting ready. For me, being the makeup perfectionist that I am, I take my time getting ready before work. I jam out to all the latest hits across the board will I am getting ready. Usually by this time I am a running out the door heading to work, but not before grabbing a coffee to go. After I get off work (which I spend all day putting out fires/issues) I head home where I study for the LSAT, work on stuff for the business I co-own, and anything else. While on my way home I think about the things I did and the things I needed to have done. Finally if I am lucky I eat dinner and am asleep by 2am, but most of the time I run off of 3-4 hours of sleep. This vicious cycle repeats sooner than I would like, but that is life. In between it all I sometimes actually attempt to have a personal life, which I admit is rare for me. If I honestly told you everything I do on a daily basis it would be a novel, so I will spare you. 
I would say my music taste varies, but as of right now my favorite band is Maroon 5, favorite color is Pink, and Favorite drink is sweet tea!

Pets? Or as I call them, "my children"...

Yes I have a fish, dog, and cat! They are all my children!! 
Favorite Blogs:

These often change but I have listed the ones that seem to never change! 

How do you balance your personal life and your online life?

This is a tough one, because it seems to be something that everyone including myself constantly struggles with. Honestly.. Sometimes I just have to turn my phone on silent and step away from the computer. It truly is hard trying to manage my online life and personal life, but I love how busy my life is and wouldn’t change anything. It just takes lots of pre-planning and scheduling. 

Please check out her blog for all things beautiful, or if you have problems tweezing your eyebrows into "commas" as I once did.

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