No Matter How Many Times I Watch Meloncholia I Still Don't Understand It

Yeah, I love this shirt.

shirt: ASOS shoes: Old Navy skirt: Target jewelry: black&bronze

Chivo loves my new shoes.

...and I'm a smart girl.  I just can't follow along because my attention span is like that of a fruit fly.  I have been enjoying a day off, and two day shifts this week, it almost feels like a vacation except for the constant upkeep of the house, me being paranoid and anxious over the location(s) of my mother's cat, and so on.

This morning, I watched a woman drive her sedan right into a light pole, just as I was turning the corner, walking four dogs.  I believe all was well, for some reason there were some twigs running by in sports bras, and they stopped to help.

I would have assisted, it's just, I had four dogs with me.  I got the dirtiest looks ever from the other walkers who began to come up over the embankment.  I wanted to yell, "What do you want me to do?"  Everyone has a cell phone, and I am NOT hanging out for the cops to come and ask me a million questions while my pitbull mix tries to kill him or her.  The driver exited the vehicle in one piece, albeit a little shaken, so I continued my walk.  Good Morning Corona!

John and I shot a few new outfit pictures, and since we're not confined to our usual spots, we made sure we used most of them again.

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