Meet Lindsey From hello, mr. rabbit!

I want to introduce you to Lindsey from hello, mr. rabbit.  I am going to let her take it from there.  She's like of like watching The Royal Tennenbaums for the first time, you can't possibly absorb every unique detail in one glance.  Her blog, as well as her photography tell a story.  Plus, she has one of the most beautiful faces on earth.  
 How do we find you?
Hello, Mr. Rabbit: instagram, facebook, twitter, etsy shop, flickr, tumblr
Why did you begin blogging?
 I started "Hello, Mr. Rabbit" in September of 2012 with the intentions of having an outlet for keeping track of my daily outfits, recipes, and little adventures. I started reading fashion and lifestyle blogs back when they first became a "thing", and after many years I decided I should have my own. I enjoy having a little space to document, and to show others how to find happiness of the simple daily things. 

  My favorite post I have blogged is here, and it is about exploring around Missouri Town. This was one of my very first blog posts and is my favorite thing to do in the fall in Kansas City. I love looking back on this post because it makes me nostiglic for fall and this time of the year. I remember this whole day so vivdly; the coldness of the season, the school uniform dress I wore for the first time, and documenting with my new camera. 

My daily life various on the seasons. During the school semesters, my life is schduled down to the last second. Being a student, part-time worker, and blogger makes for a very busy bee. My weeks consist of early mornings with my french press, school until the late afternoon, working for a few hours, coming home to homework, and photographing my day throughout. On weekends I like to lounge around in the morning hours, explore new places and shops in my city, and make things in my craft room. 

My favorite band is Empire Empire (I Was A Lonely Estate). My favorite color is pale pink. My favorite drink in the morning is black coffee and in the evening it is a Boulevard Pale Ale. 

I have two extremely fluffy and friendly cats. My boyfriend named both of them, Gutter and Whitecastle, and they are almost two years old. I am planning on getting a rabbit in the near future. 

Blogs to recommend? 
I feel as though I discover new blogs that I love every single day. My all time favorites though are Fancy Fine, Yours Truly,and  Esme and the Laneway.  
 Isn't she just a doll?

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