Sometimes I Do Things I Don't Want to Do...With My Mother

So this week, and for many weeks to follow, my mother is on summer vacation.  She's home, all day, all the time and and in a cleaning frenzy.  I am going to leave that aforementioned fact alone, and just let you ponder how my days have been for the past week...okay done?  Yeah, do you feel like you just watched Mommy Dearest?  Because I'm living it.

We have been getting along "well-ish" (for now) but I am just waiting for a bomb to drop at any minute.  It's super relaxing, I'm sure you can imagine.  I begin every sentence with the word, "Sorry..." and I hear such wonderful, helpful dialogue such as, "I cleaned that up once I AIN'T cleaning it again."  Or, my personal favorite, "Why would you complain about having to put the couch covers on?"  Well, because we wash them three times a week.  It's not fun to do, or even necessary to add "it was probably YOUR dog that threw up."  Um, okay.  That still doesn't make these zippers any easier on my hands, but thanks for reminding me again that everything is my fault.

My plan has been to accompany and indulge her in as many of HER "activities" as possible, which meant today we went to the Farmer's Market.  She is well aware of the fact that I hate cooking, and I basically have as much interest in learning to cook as I do in buying a One Direction CD, however she continually tries to force me into being interested.

A couple things are never going to change.  I am never going to be "culinary inclined" (possibly due to the fact that I am surrounded by food, food preparation, eating, cleaning up after eating, all day and all night?!?!?!) and my mother is never going to like Morrissey, me or anything I do.  I am willing to accept the latter, she is not willing to accept the former.

Of course, because I was rushed (the Farmers Market apparently can turn into a poppin' club I guess), I forgot the battery to my DSLR.  So I snapped these beauties with the ol' iPhone.  Not too shabby.  All I could hear in the background was my mom sniveling, "are you taking a picture of that!?!?!"

This is not Portland.

I just wanted to lay down on all this sourdough...HEAVEN!

I die over orange, though not to wear...too many Pepperdine flashbacks.

I literally could eat everything in this picture in about twenty minutes.

JuJuBee?  The drag queen?

They got the beets.

This color scheme got me thinking about our new place...aaaaaaah!

I love you kale.

The highlight of my day!
So, after I was turned into a pack mule, hauling organic goods back to the car, my mom announced we would be going to Smart and Final.  Awesome!  That is where I found the largest tub of white gravy I have ever seen and again was asked, "are you taking a picture of that!?!?!"

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