Friday's Fawns: Laura Frisk

 I am freaking out over Laura Frisk and her store, Laura Frisk on Etsy.  I started to covet a few of her totes, but then when I explored her shop I started to have a meltdown.
the tote I ordered today

three feathers pin, also ordered

hand woodblocked pillows
a collection of some of her beauties
Then, when I convo'ed her on Etsy...she responded!  She didn't ignore me, or take FOREVER getting back to me, or even get irritated when I asked her about ten thousand questions about the tote, the colors...etc.  I was touched. 

Recently I have had some AWFUL experiences with Etsy sellers, and I think it is refreshing to see someone who will be flexible with print colors, designs and the like.  I have often asked a particular seller if they will put a certain design on a tank top (which, yes, they sell tank tops with their t-shirt designs on them) and this seller has informed me that the "ringer tee" is the only style available.  Guess what?  1995 called.  they want the "ringer tee" back.

As I type this I am deciding which tote to get, what design to have block-printed on it and what color I want.  She has given me too many options!  Please support her and her beautiful art!

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