Click Until You Die Trying

Normally, I never blog about blogging.  I am new to the game, so I don't want to catch any know?  However, there is something I have been wanting to discuss.  Giveaways.  You all know what I see it on your friend's or your favorite blog, or you see some randomly snapped picture on Instagram and suddenly, you turn into Tyrone Biggums, and you become a total clicking, picking, blogloving, following, tweeting, friending, liking crackhead.
I have no idea when, but it was a while back that I first became familiar with Rafflecopter.  One of my favorite blogs, Antlers & Roses was having a MASSIVE giveaway.  The swag was out of control, I swear it looked like they were giving a new car space, gifty gifts, back name it.

Well since there were so many contributors to the giveaway (thus making THREE sweet giveaways), you had to Rafflecopter your ass off.  Literally.  I may have spent a hour working on all of it, and I even committed to re-tweeting and all that goes with trying REALLY HARD to win a giveaway.  You guessed it.  I didn't win.
whenever I see this, I die a little inside
I am not bashing Rafflecopter, giveaways or the like.  I am merely saying there has to be a better way to do this.  The other day, I LITERALLY watched as myself and my pal Bethany from The Sepia Puppy follow each other around the internet, liking the same blogs and then I would see her picture right next to mine on every GFC.  I had to call her because I was dying of laughter.  She summed it up basically by saying, "But the stuff is so GOOD!"  I agree.  That's why I'm suckered in by that dangling carrot every damn time.

Brin from Bold Butter Baby had an awesome idea about doing a "treasure hunt" for giveaways, making readers answer questions about posts, therefore forcing them to READ the blog, as opposed to just "liking" it on Facebook, and then hiding every post they ever write, filled with bitterness at "Jimmy's Mommy Loves Peaches" because you didn't win the dumb giveaway. 

I am not saying I begin to hate blogs when I don't win their giveaways.  In fact, I go into entering them expecting to lose, so any kind of "win" would be a complete and total shock to me.  I have seen the same person win multiple giveaways, and I hate them.  Okay, I don't hate them.  I am jealous as hell.  Give me your secrets you minx!

I want to do a giveaway this coming week, and the last time I did one, I had THREE entries.  Maybe it was because I didn't use Rafflecopter, maybe it was because my blog was so new.  I have no idea.  I would just like this one to be more successful.  I don't care about gaining a throng of readers, I just want to reward the ones I have and perhaps gain a few new ones.

So, what are your thoughts people?  Would you be willing to do a "treasure hunt" of sorts, through the blog, answering a few questions about "Okay Allison!" and then submitting your answers?  Or would you rather spend your afternoon in this position below?
Let me know, there's a SWEET crocheted collar at stake from Fierce and Flirty, and she doesn't even sell these in her Etsy store yet! 
P.S:  You will never believe this but after I wrote this post, I actually won a giveaway on Instagram from Dark and Dawn Jewelry and The End.  I shit you not.  And the stuff I won IS INSANE.

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