Meet Jess from M I L K Y R O B O T

So I will give you the basics here soon, but here's what you need to know about Jess.  She rules.  She is fantastic at ANY craft, from sewing to custom making Blythe dolls, to designing dog collars...there is nothing she can't do.  Her blog, her talent and her struggles inspire me everyday.  Why?  Well, I'd like to think it's because she reminds me of me, but in reality, she is just simply great. 
what a doll!

the fabulous Oskar, with his own blog and zine coming soon

My inspiration is mainly just my daily life and what I enjoy, my passions if you will. I blog a lot about feminism, being fat, crafting and my pets.
Her favorite post she's written:

A "day-in-the-life":

The daily life of Jess would include... a quick run to Starbucks, wrangling my 4 year old and Boston Terrier puppy, too much time on the internet with a sprinkle of crafting. 

Her favorite band, color and drink:

My all time favorite band is Radiohead, Nirvana is a close runner up. I'm in love with the color green but often stick with grays and black. As for drink, I like a 4 shot iced white mocha at Starbucks, it's my go to drink.

Do you have any pets or as some of you call them...children?

I do! I have a tuxedo cat named Elvis, who can be a total asshole but I love him dearly. I also have a 10 week old Boston Terrier named Oskar, he has stolen my heart and has moved into the best friend role. 

Her favorite blogs:

Love these two:

Jess says,

Rawr! :D
I highly recommend following Jess, as she has been an incredible inspiration to me!  Thanks girl, for your friendship and your radness. 

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