Father's Day Photo Montage

Garnishes?  Or cats?

The grueling process of poaching eggs.  LOL.  No seriously, I HATE COOKING.

Canadian Bacon!  Viva la revolution!

Yeah, the argyle bag is mine...ahem, his card reads "Father's Day Weekend Honoree" because it's literally, HIS WEEKEND.

Eggs Benedict anyone?

The Bloody Mary I made for my dad could have used a few more stuffed olives, no?
Due to the fact that I am always working, I cooked breakfast for my dad on Sunday.  Then I worked for what seemed like an eternity.  I never want to work another holiday again.  I had a ten top of people who asked me for...one...thing...at...a...time.  I wanted to die.  Also, I have never sold so much strawberry lemonade in all my life.  "Can I have one to go?", she asks.  I felt like just handing her the gallon and being like, here, enjoy.  Why don't you mainline it?

Tonight should be better I hope.  Please, don't come in.

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