What's black & bronze AND Rad ALL OVER???

I have no idea how I "met" Carly.  I think it was during the debacle of looking for friendship necklaces for Rebel and I, and I had come across some pretty awful shit, as can be read about here.  I was following her shop on IG, and then something magical happened.  I became obsessed with her jewelry line, and Etsy store black&bronze.

I love how much detail she puts in every painstaking piece.  I adore her attention to customer service, as well as custom orders.  She is kind, she is awesome.  She even blogs!  Check her out here.

 So, this is my collection, and I am not even halfway there yet.  Carly thinks she has cut me off, but I still need this and this and I must have this too.  See?  I have a problem.

She always sends me something extra, and sweet!

Vintage brooches she gifted me, plus my unicorn!

Bird skulls, anyone?  I love how her look can be sweet and edgy all at the same time.

I was on this pendant like white on rice.  I had to have it.

My pretties!

So, shop, shop, shop her store.  Her shipping is lickety-split, and her handmade pieces are second to none, her vintage items are beyond unique, and she is just a beautiful person...inside and out!  I love you Carly!

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