C'mon, Get Happy!

So, last week was a crack-up, to say the least.  I have been called every name in the book, harassed via Internet and telephone, as well as informed that I need mental help.  I was also told not to call other women cunts.  Watch this: "Cunts, cunts, cunts, cunts, cunts!"  Did an angel lose it's wings?  Can I call parrots cunts, or will they be offended?  What about narwhals, what's the rule on that?  Okay, yeah, I am going to call whomever, whatever I want, especially when they act like one.  It's called free-speech, and it occurs...you guessed it, ON MY BLOG.   

Just an average week for me, really.  Three hundred people email me to tell me they enjoy reading the blog, and some CUNTS make it their mission to tear me down.  Your criticism of me means NOTHING.  I can and will continue to write and expose people for what they really are.  Part of my "pieces of wisdom" I was given by these geniuses (oh, and there were many) was that I "get help, and get happy."  I guess you only read the parts of the blog you think are about you.  Some things never change, oh wait but you said that already... 

I have blogged many times about my struggles with mental health, as well as my drug addiction.  You didn't seem to be interested in me getting out of rehab to give me a phone call (not as important as a resume, I totally get it), but suddenly, when I write something that makes you look like the self-absorbed idiot you are, you want my number, and now you want to call?  Three guesses as to who gave it to you, and the first two don't count.  Probably the same person you used to make fun of behind her back, openly mock her state of being self-absorbed, and would not let borrow your clothes because she made them smell.  Did you mention that to her when you asked for my number?  Didn't think so.

Anyway, I have given this drama (which actually to me, is HILARIOUS) enough of my good time.  You want to see me happy?  I am BEYOND HAPPY.  I have rid myself of all my toxic, self-involved relationships, I am engaged to be married this year, and I just got a house.  I have a new job that is ridiculously lucrative, and I have a super secret project just beginning in November (stemming from stories just like these) that because of legalities, I cannot mention until it's inception.  It rhymes with "rook lubrication."

I decided to make a list of the things/people/events that make me happy, continue to make me happy, and will come to make me happier, in the very near future.  I think a "psycho" would probably not be able to articulate these things in photo collages, but perhaps crayon drawings.  Let me know if anyone prefers those. 
Getting married...barn style!
Learning to crochet...slowly.

Being a fan and friend of these amazing girls, oh yeah and helping them start a blog!
My friends.  Just a few, but some say I have none.  I tend to disagree.
My support system...continued.
Surrounded by hot dudes. Constantly.
Getting Ed to read my tweets (and favorite them), giveaways from the blog, the best TV show ever (except for it's location.)

Photography.  Why didn't I take it in High School?

Shit, I just realized I am so fucking happy, I might burst.  And it all started as soon as I stopped giving a fuck about what anyone else thinks.  Thanks for the mental health advice, I didn't know you were a doctor on top of being a bitch!  I need "professional help?"  You should know better than anyone, you've needed it the most. 

PS:  This is all the time I am going to further waste on this garbage, so for those of you readers ready to get back to our good times, I'm so stoked to announce a giveaway tomorrow...just to say thank you.




  1. Hooray for being happy! All the haters can sod off, imo.
    Also, I think you owe me a video chat soon! <3

  2. I'm happy that you are happy girl!! Don't listen to the haters!! Keep writing!!!

  3. Love these things and love you! You are a one hell of a strong gal/woman/wonder!

    xx, C

    1. Coming from you, that means everything.

  4. hehehe. I like the line just above this about comments. I'm going to have to call you tomorrow. I started working again, and got super depressed (I'm going to post about it today). I'm glad to see you bounce back. I think you are a truly great nice person to everyone, and you get caught up with these backstabbin' bitches, and one forgets to eat that week, and they come unglued on you like a rabid Trex. If a person asks you not to say the C word, then you know that that's code for: Don't Fuck With This Person. Because anyone that would ask you to your face not to say that word, isn't a friend. If a friend didn't like that word, they would wait awhile to ask you not to use it so they wouldn't offend you by asking you not to say that. Think about it.

    1. I seriously need you to move here. Like now.

  5. PS: I know what that rhyme means :)

  6. Keep doing what you do! You are awesome and lovely and deserve many sloths. I am so glad to see you on an upswing full of happiness and support and always look forward to hearing from you.

    PS Narwhals are totally cunts.


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