Meet Cara, From The Marvelous Flight of Cara

See here's one thing I've learned about blogging: you make friends quickly, and in "real life", you may never have given this person a second thought.  I may have mentioned before that I am a vehement atheist, while some of my biggest followers and friends, are all Christian.  We can get along, people.  What matters is what you REPRESENT.  And, today's Saturday Sponsor Spotlight belongs to someone who represents all things good, kind, meaningful and sweet.  Please meet Cara, from The Marvelous Flight of Cara.

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What inspired her blogging?
It began as a faith journey when I was in Bible College back in 2008, and soon became a journal to follow my health journey of being diagnosed with fibromyalgia when I was 19, and now also includes my married life and lessons!
I'm proud of quite a few posts I've written, but if I had to choose a number one...
Well, here's a handful:

Tell us about an average day!
Wake up around 7:30 to begin getting ready for the work day with hubby, drive about 15 minutes to work, I work for a non-profit that is a church organization from 9 - 4 PM on the weekdays, then head home, get the mail, open all the windows and blinds to let the cool breeze and sunshine come through, clean up the home - wash any dirty dishes that were left in the sink, vacuum if need be, do the laundry once a week - then either read, blog, Skype or FaceTime with my momma or a friend, or watch The Office on Netflix while I wait for my hubby to get home! Then we eat dinner together and find something to watch, or we do our separate things but always in the same room and always giving each other our attention. Then I head to bed after I take all my supplements! 

Band: Relient K
Color: Turquoise and pink - but not together
Drink: I LOVE Big Train brand blended mochas, but I can't have sugar right now, so I dream about them.

Blog Faves:

Southern (California) Belle /

 All in all, an absolute doll.  See people, this is what happens when you stop caring about nail art and flower arranging, and get to the good shit.  I mean stuff.  Sorry Cara.

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