I Know It's Over...The Weekend I Mean

These are the best outfit pictures ever, really.  Lord have mercy, I look like a suicidal secretary.  I was trying to channel the beautiful Lena at Lena B, Actually, because she has been posting some beautiful outfits lately, and I thought I could pull it off, what the hell?

Yeah, no.

Our weekend was pretty mediocre, I worked my ass off (as usual) and John was forced to do yard work, but we did take a fascinating trip to our favorite bagel joint.  This is where we encountered the "dirtiest man with half shoes", which of course, I documented below.

I also snapped a few shots of new stickers we put on the ol' Versa.  John is a HUGE Cold Cave fan, and we both love Morrissey, so it seemed only fitting.  Now I just have to find a way to sneak a Wham! sticker in there somewhere, and we are cooking with gas.
shoes and dress: Target all jewelry: black&bronze

what are these strange, white beacons of light?  oh wait, they are my legs

black&bronze strikes again

I know I look good.  Ugh.  Gorilla!

John patiently awaiting his bagel sanny.

Mr. Dirty Shoes rocks some stained sweats and a nineties flannel.  He is style.

"Daddy", as he is known around our house.
We're going to see Cold Cave in a couple weeks.  I'm afraid of Wes.
All in all, a pretty blah weekend.

BUT!!!  Yesterday's blog hop totally ruled, and HELLLOOOOOO to all my new readers and followers, it is truly a pleasure to have you.  I cannot recommend the hops over at Peacoats and Plaid highly enough.  Bre is such a thorough host, as well as supporter, a special thanks to her.  I encourage any new or seasoned bloggers to check it out, it was pretty rad.  I met and read a few AWESOME blogs, which I will be sharing with you soon.

There are a few new faces on the sidebar, check them out!

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