My Heartfelt Apology

Last evening, my best friend Rebel, drew my attention to a posting on IG.  It seemed that a young lady we both follow, was ranting about a woman who had sent her a care package.  She apparently has a shop, and claimed this woman ordered something from her shop, merely to get her address.  Then this "cruel" woman decided to send her a care package.  When she has the young lady if she had received it, she began to rant about how the woman was stalking her on social media.

I left a comment on her IG, mentioning that for someone who claims to be "Christian" and sells things online, that this is pretty ridiculous.  If you buy/sell things online, people can get your address.  Even if you don't, there are creepers out there.  Ask my BFF Rebel, who went through a REAL stalker situation that ended in both a scary and violent way.  Stalking is a crime.  If it's happening, call the police.  However, I don't think the police are going to be concerned about a care package unless it has a dead lamb in it, or is filled with explosives.  If you don't want the package, just refuse it.  Easy as that.

So, after I made this remark, I received a barrage of bullshit from "Christian" moms, calling me a hater (super mature), reposting pictures of my comment on their IGs, and bullying me, as well as Rebel.  Let me say one thing, and if it bothers you, you never have to read this blog again.  I am a vehement atheist.  However, that does not mean that I do not subscribe to "Christian moral pillars" such as honesty, integrity and kindness.  One of my BIGGEST, KINDEST most AWESOME blog pals is a Christian.  She and I have never even had the "religion" discussion, because it doesn't matter.  We support each other, we love each other, and encourage each other.  To me, that's as "Christian" as it gets.

Let me tell you something about myself, if you don't already know by now.  I'm a young lady who speaks her mind, and if I see something that I think is whack, I'm going to say something about it.  I even told one of the biggest bloggers in the sphere (or so she thinks) that the plugs she buys are great but "expensive."  She proceeded to rip me a new one and tell me that I could always use a coupon code, which just so happened to be the one that gives points to her rep code.  No thanks selfish brat.

Hiding behind "the cross" and saying rude things to me on IG is probably not what Jesus would have wanted, but I'm not worried about Jesus really.  I was educated at a Christian college, and received my degree from that University.  I done learned me my scripture.  I know what kind of energy I put out there, I know what kind of person I am and I love it.  I make no bones about it.

What these women, these MOTHERS were admonishing me with, telling me I am a bad person, telling me to mind my own business, really shocked me.  The original seller whom I commented on, was holding a anti-self-harm phone case in her last picture, which cracked me the hell up.  I have been a self-harmer since childhood, and still struggle with it as an adult.  No phone case ever saved me.  Kindness and understanding helped me, and as far as I know, those are both Christian values.  These women all seemed to demand that I give Miss I-Don't-Like-Social-Media a "heartfelt" apology.

Well here it is: go fuck yourself.


  1. Preach itttt girlllllll! First of all, I would be flattered if someone thought enough of me to send me a care package. Number two, it's so funny to me how incredibly hypocritical people are, especially when it comes to religious beliefs. I am not religious either, but I was raised Christian and I went to a small religious school for a period. I have wonderful morals and my children learn from kindness and integrity and respect ect. Treat others how you want to be treated... I'm pretty sure I followed that rule as a toddler and it blows my mind that grown ass adults can't behave themselves.
    We have a lot in common lady, it's nice to see your honesty. Don't let them bitches get ya down!

  2. I love sloths also!!! so so much.

    From what I understand, I think that lady on IG is over-reacting by receiving a CARE PACKAGE?! How is that stalking? I have even thought of sending a few bloggers something, just because I follow them and love their blog. (I love quilting, and they have quilting blogs, and of course it would be something with fabric, but still.)

    If I follow correctly, you told that lady, she was over-reacting, which is really what she needed to hear. One package isn't stalking, and she probably sent the package because she liked the shitty crap that you sold her! How embarrassing for her "stalker" to be called out in such a way. I hope this lady gets a PO box if she's really that worried about her stupid address.

    If she advertised of being "Christian", than she should act like it. I feel so bad for the lady that sent the package, if she is not a stalker. Being nice isn't a crime. The "Christian" should be ashamed of herself, and she sounds dramatic and crazy anyway. For people to start attacking you for making a mild comment, is even more dramatic and crazy (in my opinion). You didn't even say anything bad or wrong. You pointed out the obvious. I'm sorry that happened to you. For some reason religion can make people crazy. I'm a Christian, but I keep it to myself. A real "Christian" leads by example (and you know all this shit anyways since it was probably poured down your throat in school), and doesn't have to label herself that. She's using her belief to get money, which seems wrong to me. Sorry, but this post really struck a nerve. I usually speak my mind, but I've never been bombarded by rude mean comments. This whole "Christian" thing drives me nuts! I can't STAND mean, ignorant, stupid people. I just can't. And luckily I haven't ran into that too much in the blogging world. But I guess it's everywhere. I have been following you, but I'm signing up for your blog to be emailed to be. I like your style! Real stalking isn't funny, and it upsets me that this chick thinks that. All she has to do is tell the person to leave her alone, then block her. If the "stalker" is a normal person, she would be horrified and never talk to that bitch blogger again. Thanks for letting me rant.

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  4. that's crazy! WTH?! I am so tired of people who claim to be Christians making he rest of us who actually ARE look bad. Some people just want something to fuss about. and that's all. Some people are still in that high school mindset where you only talk to and approve of people who look most like you. You and I are different in a lot of ways, but I love you for who you are, vehement atheist and all! <3 you are a beautiful person and from what I have learned of Rebel she is too. Sometimes I just have to walk away from people and situations like that because it genuinely hurts my heart to see people who claim to follow Christian tenets to act so hatefully. That is not what the Bible has EVER advocated. I'm sorry you both were scorned by someone who makes a bad name for those of us who are kind and loving Christians. Christians are human beings just like atheists and buddhists and so on, we all are fallible and make mistakes, but for someone to claim their faith in the midst of an act of nastiness is just idiotic at best. A REAL Christian shows you they are with their acts of kindness, genuine care an love for others, they shouldn't have to broadcast it. If you're shouting it to prove a point you're doing it wrong.

    On another note, if you don't want someone to know your address/where you live, get a freaking P.O.Box you moron. ugh.

    You and Rebel are in the right, and I support y'all completely. Neither of you should let this one idiot ruin your opinion of Christians or people in general. Some folks just don't know how to behave.

    <3 you girl. I've got your back. Plus I'm a pretty big B*tch, I'll totes kick some ass for your honor!! lol

  5. All I can say is, I love you lol :)

  6. What a great post!!!! I was totally cheering for you inside while reading this. Situations like that is the reason that religion makes me so uncomfortable. One of my very good friends is very religious and I am not at all. That is something that we just don't discuss. I respect her views and she respects mine. We have plenty of other things that we love about each other that it doesn't get in the way. There is no excuse for the way these people are acting. If she has that much of a problem then she should deal with the woman who sent her the package directly and not put everything out in public view. Thank you for standing your ground!

  7. I love this post!! I totally agree with everything you said.

  8. Wow! Yea, another reason I don't advertise my family as Christian. People are retarded and stupid to freak out over one care package. Be flattered! Sometimes the intentions before you are actually genuinely honest. This woman sounds seriously paranoid. Good for you for standing up for the sender! I myself was stalked, twice, in HighSchool and College. If someone is seriously doing it, trust me, a care package would be the least of your worries sweetheart. And everyone wonders why people are so hateful and ignorant today.
    Great Post! Don't take the bullshit...

  9. I love your blog and just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check out my blog for details at Great job!

  10. people can be stupid. period.

    good for you for sticking up for that person though.


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