I Joined the Cold Cave Cult

John and I went to see his favorite band, Cold Cave, in San Diego last night.  He took off from work early, I took off the next two days off completely, and we were both really excited.  Our lives are basically not our own, and it really makes things difficult when you have NO TIME ALONE.  We wanted to stay in San Diego last night, but John had to work the next day.  My working man!

Okay, so I am going to be honest with you, Cold Cave scares the fuck out of me.  A lot of people who like Morrissey seem to be into Cold Cave, but I am not one of them.  I know it's not cool to not "worship" Wes, the singer and brains behind the operation, but like I said, I just don't get it.

John got mad at me when I asked if I had to wear all black.  Well, it's a valid question!  I know it's not 1994 anymore, but back in the day if I had seen some bitch roll up to my Nine Inch Nails show with a flower dress on and a bow in her hair, I would of beat her.  Severely.  I want to fit in.  I already don't know any songs, or anyone else that's going to be there.
shoes and dress: Target pendant and cuff: black&bronze bag: Loungefly glasses: Zenni Optical

 Also, John was so excited this morning, which was nice to see.  I know being here has been stressful on him, but he just left SUPER early for work so he can take off early and we can jam.  My plans are to focus on my outfit, visit my friend Andy that works down in the Gaslamp District, and try not to get killed.
Parking is a bitch!

But...you can't beat the weather...

Yum City, population: two.

One please, of everything.

Andy B, my little "Boo Boo Bear" all grown up, serving at a five-star!
Goat cheese.  Roasted.  That is all.

There was a Swedish Fish in my martini.  RULE!

John, checking his phone and doing his best Wolverine impression, apparently.

Our dinner, was amazing.  I felt like a proud parent, seeing Andy serving so well, in such a fine dining atmosphere.  He has come so far in everything he does, and is an absolute doll.

I did not bring my camera into the show with me.  I am apparently still living in the age where cameras were not allowed at shows, because everyone and their brother had a camera.  I also saw a whole encyclopedia of hipsters...and at that point I was begging for my camera.

You know, girl-who-doesn't-know-her-boyfriend-is-gay, Mr. "I drank too much PBR"---so now I know everything about indie rock, really cute  annoying skinny merch girls with dirty hair just sitting and judging everyone's clothes, group of dudes rockin' beards and stinking up the place with their "hipster" B.O. (because they rode their bike there) and...me.

John got to talk to Wes and take pictures with him afterwards.  They even hugged.  That was all I needed to see to know I have joined the Cold Cave Cult.  I'm still washing my hair though, and I KNOW my man ain't gay.

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