Sponsorships, or Why I Could Buy a Used Car for What These Blogs Are Charging for Ads

Okay so I am going to break the rules of blogging and ask a few questions: 

"Why does an ad on so-so blog cost $175?"  When I look at this blog (amongst a few similar others), with almost TEN THOUSAND followers or FOURTEEN THOUSAND on Instagram, I think, okay, so let's see what this money is going to be getting me.  This must be one HELL of a blog.  Here is what I find, on every single one of these "BIG/COOL/POPULAR" blogs:

-Posts of said blogger wearing basically the same outfit everyday, in situations such as back porch, walking on sidewalk or standing in front of a brick wall...yeah, we have those too in my neighborhood.

-Posts which include nothing more than pictures they have cut and pasted from the Internet with captions reading "I love this!" or "This is soooo cute!"

-Nail art.  It's been done.  Lomography. It's been done.  You sending me an email saying you are " appreciative of the compliment but not accepting ad swaps or features at this time."  Thanks, love your blog even more now.  I get it, you're busy looking cool.  Or, I have to email YOUR MANAGER?!?!

-Pages so clogged with ads, I have a hard time navigating the content.  I am bombarded with discount codes and girls on videos making flower arrangements, and everyone is talking at the same time...I AM GOING TO FREAK OUT!

-Posts like, "House Tour" or "This is What My Closet Looks Like" should be re-titled "Look At Me Flaunt All My Cool Shit In Your Face"

-Posts which are filled with pictures, ranging from beautiful to "eh", with three sentences to follow (complete with spelling errors), asking a question of the readers, in which the blogger has ZERO intent to respond, let alone read.

-Posts about nothing.  Self-indulgent stories of the "pressures" of having a booming handcrafted business, the joys/conflicts of being able to "explore."  Yeah, I wish my husband was rich too, so I could sit at home and knit all day, that would really stress me out.

Sorry, but I have to tell it like it is.  I try to bring my readers CONTENT.  I want them to have something to look forward to, the next story, the next giveaway...I want them to feel a part of it all, because I do it all for them.  And me, too.

I have made some of the best friends on the planet through this blog, I would NEVER give that up, nor would I ever change the way I do things just to be able to offer a Michael Kors bag for a giveaway, have my own line of ModCloth clothing or my own photo app.  Okay, I might.  Just kidding.

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