Laura Frisk Giveaway Winner!

Thought y'all might like to know who our winner was for the Laura Frisk Art Giveaway!  John tabulated all entries and drew the name for me yesterday morning (I wanted to make sure everyone knows you were given an impartial tabulation with no hanging chads), and we got one!

Congrats, Miss Desiree Bolander!

Desi is not a blogger, but a blog lover and a HUGE supporter of both my personal and blog life.  She and I have been behind the bar together for years now, and it warms my heart to know they are going to a good home!  Also, I didn't have to pay shipping, which admittedly, ruled.  I will say, however, I had to STAPLE the gift bag shut for her last night because everyone was fawning over these pillows! 

Thank you so much to all that entered!  Our next giveaway will be even bigger and better.  In the meantime, go visit Sarah at Bring More Yarn, read my guest blog and comment to win the crochet collar I am wearing!  It's that easy. 

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