Meet Erin from Zero Style!

 I have been a HUGE fan of Erin's for a while now, so imagine how shocked I was when I just decided to up and "fan-girl-email" her, and she actually RESPONDED.  Her blog is awesome, and a little bit of a big deal, if you ask me.  It's called ZERO STYLE, and you need to start reading it, now!

Why "Zero Style?"
A lot of people ask me about my blog's name, so to make it short and sweet- it's a spin off from my tumblr, which was named after the Shellshag song "Zero Girl." 
Find her here:
email: zerostyleblog at gmail
Why do you blog?
I have blogged in one capacity or another for about ten years now. I started casually blogging about fashion about 4 years ago, when I discovered fatshion blogs on Tumblr and started to see fashion as something that IS accessible to me. I only began to take it more seriously last August, when I started Zero Style. I feel that by examining fashion from my perspective (a fat Midwesterner whose personal style is all over the place and always changing), I'm offering a unique voice in a sea of fashion blogger conformity. Just as I was inspired by my favorite fatshion bloggers years ago, I want to inspire other women to take more risks with their look and stop listening to arbitrary rules.

Any favorite posts you've written?
My personal favorite post was my New Year's post from this year. If you go back through my archives, you will see that it's me following through on one of my resolutions, going from almost giving up on my blog to dedicating myself to producing higher quality (and quantity) content for my readers. I set some more goals for 2013 in it, and I can't wait to go back at the end of the year and see if I've followed through on the rest of them!

What is an average day for you?

I go to my day job at a funeral home, come home for a short break to pet my dogs, then go to my night job as brand manager for Re/Dress. Re/Dress is a small, independent plus size vintage and modern boutique for folks sizes 14 and up. It's my favorite job ever, by far! But it makes for a very long day. In my very small amount of free time on the weekends, I like to do yoga and thrift.

My favorite band is My Bloody Valentine, my favorite color is neon pink, and my favorite drink is bourbon.

Furry Babies:

I have two little dogs that my boyfriend and I really do consider to be our children. We have Tallulah, our three and a half year old super tiny super sassy Boston terrier, and Bill Murray The Dog, our three year old Mini Schnauzer who is the most loyal little teddy bear. I also have lots of succulents and a big Marimo ball. (I do find it slightly odd how much I love to nurture animals and plants, yet don't do well with children.)

Bloggers whom you enjoy:
GabiFresh, Nicolette Mason, Latter Style, Fashion Hayley, and Franceta Johnson. I think they all put out very different, but equally high quality and aspirational content. They inspire me to step my game up and push my boundaries.

Do what you want, eat what you want, wear what you want, and don't take shit from anybody about it.

So yeah, I am basically in love with her. 

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