THERE SHE IS: A Documentary

To commemorate the fact that the Miss Plus America Pageant begins TODAY, I wanted to talk about a recently-made documentary that I am dying for EVERYONE to watch.  There She Is is the story of two best friends, both competing in a Plus-Size Pageant.  Although it is a short film, the message it sends is so powerful and important, it speaks volumes.

First of all, I am embarrassed to say I had NO IDEA there were pageants for girls like me.  That, in and of itself, is a problem.  Until I saw this documentary as a "suggested" page on Facebook, I equated the "pageant lifestyle" with horrors like "Toddlers and Tiaras" or the mean girls that used to torture me in elementary school.

When I saw these beautiful women, the confidence they exuded and the FRIENDSHIP they continued to place above all else, I was touched.   I could not believe I wasn't more aware of this whole scene, because when I began to explore the press package and the Internet searches, I could not believe the beauties I found!  I was astounded at the popularity of it all, and most strangely...drawn to the idea of me as a pageant queen.

Besides being extremely eloquent and poignant, this documentary brings up conversations we NEED to be talking about.  Why is the "average sized woman" competing in a sub-genre of the pageant world?  What does that say about us as a culture?  Do you feel the same "pressures" to be perfectly presented because you are plus-sized?  Do you feel that, "leave no excuses" feeling every time you get dressed, checking and re-checking that all layers are in order?  Why do I feel like if I threw on a maxi dress and left my face greasy and took pictures of myself with a vacant stare, it would probably cause vomiting?  If some size two hipster did it, it would be the new ad campaign for Obey.

I love it when Allison says, "They have opportunities...why can't we?"  It's a great question.  Why deny ourselves the attention and love we deserve?   Why do we "settle" for less when we deserve everything and more?  That's it, from now on I am giving myself the love and extra cheese I deserve without feeling guilty.

I will wear whatever I want out, regardless if I look like a "fat slob" or not.  In fact, I think Fat Slob would be an excellent clothing line name.  I'm all about breaking stereotypes, and now...practicing my pageant walk.


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