Meet Lena, from Lena B Actually!

Imagine my surprise when one of my favorite bloggers, Miss Lena B, actually told me she liked my blog!  She didn't send me a snippy email or ignore me, she reached out and has been doing so ever since.  Besides being a short-haired beauty as well, her style is phenomenal.  I often will scope out her blog, just for inspiration for my own shoots.  I love the creativity, simplicity and beauty of her blog, as well as her posts about her sweet family.  I wish my husband was a tattoo artist!  I wish my kids had cool names!  I wish I lived in Canada!  Okay, this is getting a little "Yolanda Saldavar."  Please, meet Lena, and don't be offended by my bad jokes.

Lena B, Actually:

I started blogging to document my life as a new mommy, and to keep family & friends updated with our mini milestones.  It has become more of a personal hobby and a place for me to *still* document our lives, but with lots of fashion, photography & fun thrown in too!
Do you have any favorite posts?
That's hard to pin point... but most recently, my favorite is this one... so exciting!

What's an average day like for you?
Up by 7:00, pack school lunches, squeeze in a little breakfast & blog reading time before getting the kids up.  Dropoff at school & daycare and at work (at an insurance company) by 8:304:30, pick up the kids, go home... usually deal with a meltdown or two, then supper, bath, chores around the house, a little blogging, a little cuddling on the couch with the hubs, tv... and then bed! 

Band is a tie between The Beatles & Rancid, favorite color is orange and I love tea!

A son, Memphis who is 7 and a daughter, Ruby who is 5.  They make appearances on my blog every now & then.  ;)
Favorite blogs:
Absolute Mommy is probably my fave.  Megan is so real, and hilarious... and just all around awesome!


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