Kirbeeart, Depeapa and The Pursuit of Cuteness

Uh-oh.  I have a new Etsy obsession and it comes in the form of two stores: KIRBEEART and DEPEAPA.  Y'all know what a sucker I am for animal portraits and mustache cuteness, so let's start with Depeapa!
duck brooch

Brooch pair

Ugh.  I die.  Everything is so cute and Spanish, and of course we all know cute and Hispanic are two of my favorite things!

Now, on to Kirbeeart, another shop I just recently stumbled on, through my IG feed.  I am a sucker for a woodcut brooch, and although she sells much, much more, these are all I can think about!
Tick Tock Cuckoo Clock Brooch

Teacup Deer Wooden brooch

Ships Ahoy brooch....I'm getting this one for Rebel.

I am on a brooch kick as of late, as I have been feeling slightly less than "enamored" with buying other accessories off Etsy.  When when I first started using the website, I felt there was a real "connection" between cottage industries and the public, and now I feel like a lot of sellers on there are just peddling whatever "hipster" thing they can whip up, throw a chevron, arrow, bird or a bow on something and it's immediately cool!  The only thing I will forever cherish is that lovely "feedback" button, or the fact that a third party is involved in the transaction, so if you have issues with sellers (and you know I have), you just reach out to good old Etsy and open a case.

Recently, I have been breaking my rule about ordering things off Etsy that ship from overseas.  I had an awesome experience with Biribis, which ships out of Spain, and the turnaround time was lightning quick!  In no way am I saying I am only supporting handmade overseas, I just think realized how ridiculously scared I was to have something ship from abroad, or perhaps having communication issues with a seller I can't "communicate" with.  Oddly enough, the vendors I have the most trouble "communicating" with speak perfect English.  Go figure.      

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