The longer I blog, the more I am drawn to blogs and bloggers that constantly maintain substance as well as incredible style.  I'm not talking about outfit posts, or awesome link-ups, I'm talking about pictures that make you FEEL, posts that make you want to reach out and smell green grass, or take a walk, paint a picture and just feel GOOD INSIDE.  No one here is worried about followers, or IG feeds.  These are my constants that make my heart go beat beat everyday.  Thanks dolls, without you...I'd be nothing. 
Heidi is beautiful, her family is beautiful and her energy is magnetic.  Whenever I am feeling "blah" about blogging, or lacking inspiration (especially for rad haircuts), I always check her blog.  Her photos have a very soft way of drawing you in, making you feel welcome and at home.  Her blog isn't just about being a mother, it's about everything.  I STILL have yet to see someone put together an outfit as fiercely as she does.  
I now consider this gorgeous doll a friend, but when I first saw Nicole had comment on my blog, hell the fact that she was reading it alone made me pee a little.  As one of my idols when I was just getting into the "scene", I could not help but be drawn to her.  Her blog has a certain comfort to it, like a cool breeze enjoyed on a porch swing on a beautiful day.  I respect her because she tells it like it is, and stays one hundred percent away from blog drama.  If I was this pretty, I'd just walk around all day putting my hair up in various sock buns and staring at myself in the mirror.  She also has one of the cutest kids known to man, with the dopest hair to match.
 "When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade."  Well, instead of fresh, ripe lemons, a couple of years ago someone gave Charissa a bag of really, really rotten lemons.  As far as I can tell, the lemonade she made is the best on Earth.  As one of the first supporters of my blog, I was amazed at her ability to always remain positive when we live in such a negative world.  She inspires me to be myself everyday.  She is a woman who values friendship, honesty and integrity.  She takes her own struggles and reaches out to others, to try to motivate them to experience the joy she has finally found.  

I invite you to visit my friends here, especially if you like the feeling of sunshine on your back.  And, in your soul.

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