The Postcard Swap and the Awesomeness of Jennifer from Grits and Moxie

 So, today I am doing a little something special, for my pal Jennifer, over at Grits and Moxie.  She is currently promoting her Postcard Swap, a great and very REAL way of connecting with people from across the globe.  More importantly, is the cause that it benefits.

For Every PCSW Participant That Signs Up This Month Jennifer Will Donate $1 To The Athens Area Humane Society!

UPDATE:  A wonderful supporter/friend has pledged to match the donations for another great cause!  Her proceeds will go to the Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary in Colorado.  Yay for Melissa!

Jennifer was one of the first bloggers to really reach out and support me, so I would love it if y'all could reach out and help her.  She is an awesome chick, with incredible style...but more importantly, heart.  
Not only does she live in one of the coolest cities on the planet, home to legendary bands and art scenes, she is a humanitarian and SHE READS BOOKS.  I am constantly jealous of her glasses, her sandals, and her life!  One day I hope to share a cup of a really good English Breakfast with her.

Grits And Moxie

What inspires your blogging?
I blog because it constantly challenges and inspires me.  I'm putting myself, for better or worse, out there for folks to see and for me to reflect on.  It makes me want to be a better photographer.  A better writer.  Most importantly, it makes me want to be a better person but be myself doing it.  Schmaltzy but oh-so-true!
What are some of your favorite posts or projects?
I have to say the Postcard Swap (PCSW) I created has been incredibly fun!  The PCSW lets me meet and introduce awesome people to each in a whole new, and very tangible and really creative, way.  Plus I love getting mail from all over the place!  Win-win!
  What is your day-to-day life like?
My day-to-day life doesn't differ too much from what you see on the blog except there's a lot more cussing, heated political debates, dog poop and red wine spillage.  I work a lot.  I play fledgling photographer a lot.  I cook/eat a lot.  I go camping a lot.  I read a lot.  I get stressed about silly things a lot.  Now there's the added bonus of both my husband and I quitting smoking cold turkey.  So, yeah, I snipe a lot.

Any children, furry or otherwise?
Right now there are 7 furry family members at my house.  Yep, 4 ankle biters and 3 neurotic cats.  Plus an angry fish.  I really want to have a pet possum but I'll settle for maintaining the ginormous one that sashays onto our porch and devours the cat food right in front of all of us.  He/she is awesome!

Favorite blogs?
Hmmm.  I'd have to say any that don't feel like they're pushing something on you.  Or that clash harshly with my ideals.  I'm all about supporting folks who are different than me but I do draw lines in the sand.  I tend to stay away from blogs that appear to promote competition or glorification of the 'look at all my cool shit and I'm so thin and pretty and rich and blahblah and aren't you jelly?' culture.  Those folks who blog with zeal, panache, energy, fun, and/or passion but in a realistic-to-me-way are what I follow...

That last sentence basically sums up why I love her.  Thanks for being you girl, always.

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