The Modern Ms. Frizzle

dress: ME!!! shoes: Target plugs: Body Jewelry Source glasses: Rivet and Sway

"Do I smell a fart?"
In honor of tonight's hangout with Brittany Gibbons, I decided to unveil one of the frocks I have been recently working on.  This galaxy print had me at "hello" and I had to have something like a dress I saw on ModCloth, but was unfortunately sold out in my size.

This being my first sewing experiment, I had to pair it with some of my try-on specs from Rivet and Sway.  These are one of three pairs they allow any prospective customer to order, to try-on at home, completely free.  I LOVE these, but they are not the ones I have decided to go with.  I will have to unveil those in a much grander way!

Please join us tonight as we discuss accessory addiction, fashion trends, and all things AWESOME.  I am so excited/nervous for tonight it would be awesome to meet and chat with some of my readers face-to-face.  Just click on the link below for a good time.

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