Last Call With Brittany Gibbons Hangout Coming Soon!

So imagine my excitement (peed pants) when none other than THE Brittany Gibbons invited me to be on a PANEL for accessory devotion, which will be happening Thursday, July 18, at 10 pm EST.

Below, I have placed a link as an open invitation to all my readers!  Please, join us, we are going to have a great time!  I am so excited to talk accessories, and to meet Ritzy, the stylist for Rivet and Sway.  I just ordered my free try-on box from them, so I am STOKED to try out the frames and rock them for the show.
The Punchline in Neapolitan is what I am currently coveting!

I die over their packaging!
If I don't see you at this hangout, I am going to know the reason why.  I'm talking to YOU.

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