Kirbee Lawler and My Sad Attempt at Trying to Emulate Jess Elaine

Okay here's me trying to do the "sexy" "Jess-Elaine-leg-twist", which basically makes me look constipated.
 shoes: Minnetonka Moccasin skirt and top: Target bracelet: heirloom pendant: black & bronze brooch: Kirbee Lawler
Here's my usual face lately: anger.

So, if you're familiar with my blog, you will know what a huge fan I am of Jess Elaine and The Jess Elaine Project, so when I recently did a Google hangout with her, I was immediately jealous of her polka dot blouse.  Of course, I had to find one of my own.  Obviously, I don't look as adorable as she does in it, but I was trying to channel her during this photo-shoot.  I did a very poor job.

I got my brooch from Kirbee Lawler, and it could not be more gorgeous.  Even her packaging was precious!  I felt like all this wooden jewelry definitely warranted the comfort of my new Minnetonkas, like slipping on a sweet pair of clouds.  If only they could fly me away from here.

My usual Wednesday series, The Constants, will return next week.  Tomorow I have plans to go to the Orange County Fair and see ZZ Top.  I know y'all are on the edge of your seats for that one!  John and I are going to fill our faces with fried goodness and then rock out to the double meaning of the song "Pearl Necklace."  Don't worry, I will have my handy camera ready to document the beauty that is my pale face and my death grip on the tram, as we ride across the fair.  John is in for a hell of a treat.

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