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glasses c/o: Rivet and Sway jewelry: black &bronze shirt: New York and Company skirt: Target clutch: Oikos Handmade boots: Minnetonka plugs: Body Jewelry Resource
How.  My people covet accessories and self-portraits.  No, we don't have any pelts or wampum. 

This beauty from Oikos Handmade, custom designed by Kimberly Ragsdale herself, is literally my new best friend.
Can you tell I am stoked on my new glasses from Rivet and Sway?

Damn pendants, always turning around and shit.

All beauties, except my ring, are from black and bronze.  My ring is from Jorgenson Studio.

I just want to say a special "thank you" to Kimberly Ragsdale, from Oikos Handmade, for making me the clutch of my dreams.  That little minx teased me with black and white photos for weeks, and now I know why.  It is perfect in every way!

Secondly, the ULTIMATE gratitude goes to Rivet and Sway, as well as Brittany Gibbons of Brittany, Herself.  Not only did I get to participate in the most awesome accessory panel of all time, but I got the sweetest pair of glasses out of it!  More importantly, the whole experience made me feel so good.  Not only did I feel like a "real blogger" but I could not believe that someone who is such a prolific writer (Brittany) and such an awesome company (Rivet and Sway) wanted anything to do with little old me.  With all I have been dealing with lately, it was just what I needed!

I hope you love this denim shirt as much as I do.  I am starting to become overwhelmed with fear that I am turning into one of those old ladies who like...actually shops at New York and Company.

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