The Handmade Tale

Remember The Handmaid's Tale?
Once upon a time, I found a company that sold dresses.  The dresses were the most beautiful ones I had ever seen, but sadly, the only way for me to "see" these dresses was through the Internet, either by looking in their Etsy store, or on their Instagram feed.  They looked painstakingly made, it seemed that the craftsmanship was very important to the owners, and I was impressed.  So, I decided to order one of their dresses.

I fully realized the dress would be made from scratch, so the turn around time would be five to six weeks, according to the site.  I ordered the dress on February 20th, I received it March 9th.  Hello quickness!  I was impressed by their speed, but when I opened the box, I was not impressed by the quality.  The dress had a tear in the side, and several pieces of the hem were already fraying.  I chalked this up to the fact that the item was on sale, and that perhaps this was why.  I ended up giving it away to my hairdresser, whose mom is a seamstress and could fix the issues.  This dress cost me sixty-two dollars, including shipping.

I wore this dress on my blog, and even ordered accessories to match it, which came quickly as well.  I received nothing for free and in no way was endorsed by them, but I wanted to get the word out there about their small business, so I tried to advertise for them no matter what it cost me.

I then decided to place ANOTHER order, this time for a dress I had a "special need" on.  I wanted this dress, but just with a different color paneling, one which I messaged the seller about, making sure I made note of the slight change.  This order was placed on February 24th.  I received it on April 4th.  Just shy of the six week mark, I was beginning to worry, but I could tell the sellers were extremely busy, so I tried to understand. 

The second order of dresses were just as sheer and as poorly made as the ones I had received before.  The simple change I had asked to be made was obviously ignored, because the dress came as sold.  Included in the package was an extra dress, which had a huge tear in it, subsequently leaving the sleeve hanging in the breeze. Never being one to "look a gift horse in the mouth" I decided to accept the dress as a "gift" and not complain. This mistake cost me sixty dollars as well.  I ended up sending the one I paid for to my best friend's daughter.  She uses it for dress up.

One day, surfing EBay, I saw a tattoo gun that was the EXACT same shape as their logo.  I thought, "How perfect!" and snatched it up right away, it wasn't expensive, and I was hoping myself and my BFF would be able to build a beautiful shadowbox and put it in there for them, in hopes it would decorate their new studio.  I shipped it to her to build, as a thank-you to them.  She too is a huge fan of their dresses, and she and I often would gush over their stuff.

The final order for a dress (for myself) and a shirt (for the man) was placed at the end of March.  I did not get them until the end of May.  This mistake was almost one-hundred and ten dollars.  

I do not have the exact dates of shipment because the seller has removed the transaction from Etsy, as my money was refunded and the store was then closed.  

When I decided to finally contact the seller about the lateness of the order (something I had never done before) I was very upset, and rightfully so.  I felt I had every right to ask questions, since the whole situation was starting to get ridiculous.  The response I received was UNBELIEVABLE.

I won't get into all that here, but let's just say that I have never been treated so horribly by someone I have given my hard-earned money and love to, in all my life.  I apologized about the situation/attitudes thrown and the whole thing was squashed...or so I thought.

Upon receiving my final order, the one that caused so much controversy, I was appalled.  I was promised that the reason my dress was taking so long was AND I QUOTE, "something special is being done to it."  When I opened the box, same old dress from the website, but lucky me...this one had a hole in it.  Not only that, the dresses were tossed into their packaging, with no tissue or protection whatsoever.  Basically telling me, "I don't care about you, or your order."
John's shirt on the other hand, was embarrassing to say the least.  HE NEVER EVEN GOT TO WEAR IT.  Within ten minutes of him trying it on, it tore in FIVE PLACES.  We were standing still, for fuck's sake.  Imagine wearing that thing out, people who think you were The Hulk.  

I was beyond mortified, because the shirt was meant as a birthday gift, and here it was, months late and falling apart.  I was so embarrassed, so I contacted the seller, explained the situation, and told them I had no choice but to ask for a refund.  I told them I would send the dresses back as soon as possible.

I was never sent a letter, an email or anything regarding this.  Apparently they just immediately refunded the money to my VISA gift card I used, so now it will take me forty-five days to prove my identity, the gift card's original purchase, track the card and then write me a check.  I wish we could of just had a conversation so I could have said, "but please don't use that card, use my PayPal, etc."  I have yet to see that money, so when I do, I will let you know.

I wish we could of just had a civil conversation, period.

Well there was a "conversation" all right.  When I was sick, I could not take charge of the blog.  I had a bunch of older "back-up" posts, and I just threw them up there, not really thinking about anything.  Apparently, it irritated this seller to no end that I had posted pictures of me wearing their dress and crediting them as "dress:who cares".  Well fuckers, that's how you made me feel, and had I not had a bleeding ulcer and been in the hospital with insane anxiety I might have noticed that and changed it.  But WHY would I do something like that for someone who has been so rude to me?  Customer service was non-existent, you guys sold me a bunch of crap and now you are mad because I used an old post because I'm on my deathbed?!?!   If you're so experienced with "blogging" then you will know that ninety-percent of bloggers have pre-written posts, just in case.

They openly mocked me, told me that they had READERS who had reported me, that I needed to send those dresses back right away.  Hello, it was an OLD POST.  I don't want to wear your crap anyway.  The funny thing is, I sent those dresses back the moment I got that email, and I have YET to receive my refund, that's not their fault, but it does make me extremely nervous.

I promised the sellers I would give them a tracking number, but why would I pay extra to ship priority when they did not make me a priority?  Wait, why do I have to even send them back?  So you can see the shreds of fabric and know you suck?  I DID NOT send them priority, I sent them the cheapest way possible, in fact, I wrapped them up just the way they a piece of shit.  So, enjoy.  

The thing y'all are probably curious about is why I would make my IG private because of all this hoopla.  Well, I'm tired of seeing people and sellers I support (and they know I do) get these HUGE care packages from them, which is basically like a slap in the face to me.  These people don't blog, they don't advertise and they didn't spend all their time hyping you up.  Are you just trying to be mean?  I don't get it.  I'm tired of getting my feelings hurt just because I feel handmade sellers need to be just as accountable as Big Box retailers when it comes to customer service.  I have had so many wonderful experiences with handmade sellers, I don't understand the need to be nasty.

I could get all intense, and show you email copies and plead my case (my law background rears its' ugly head) but I won't.  I just want to warn my readers to be very, very careful who they give their heart and their money to.  On that insane note, have a wonderful Friday!  I am so excited to eat dinner with my Mustache Man and wear my new Rivet and Sway glasses!

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