I Love Autumn Bee!

Beeeeeez nutz!  Sorry, couldn't resist.  We all know I am a fourteen year-old boy, deep down on the inside.  Regardless, I wanted to feature yet another fantastic woman, blogger, artist and friend.  I was always an admirer of her blog, and especially of  those lashes, whoo girl!  Imagine my excitement when she reached out to ME, and began supporting my blog and sharing it with her readers.  A real gem, I tell ya.  Anyway, my dears, it's time to introduce you to my friend, Autumn Bee from Gypsybeee the Blog.

Autumn Bee // Gypsybeee
I'm a California native currently posted up in the STL! That's in the Midwest if you weren't sure!
I blog all about mid century treasures, handmade goodies, and my two little love bugs.
Outside of blogging you can find me homeschooling, knitting and crocheting cute accessories and toys, roaming the isles of all my favorite thrift stores, and running my two etsy shops. I also love photography, cooking, and up cycling vintage furniture.
I'm a confusing mixture of 1950's/60's housewife and 90's child, I love peter pan collars and a good ole pair of jellies.
I may or may not have a horribly annoying personality, I don't know, I don't care. I swear too much, I'm quite fond of dry humor and sarcasm, and I strive to laugh like  Fran Drescher (yes, that is an actual goal). I'm addicted to the worst movies like Super Star and Gentleman Broncos and I quote them whenever appropriate, or not, either way. 
The Spice Girls are still my favorite group of all time and of course Ginger is my girl! Pop culture in general is a huge weakness of mine. I'm a tattoo lover and no matter how much my husband tries to talk me out of it I will have a My Little Pony tattoo. 
I make a lot of strange faces and voices when I'm telling important stories, I love anything pastel, and fluffy animals make my heart explode, so basically I'm just a really sassy seven year old girl stuck inside the body of an adult (that apparently looks like Adele). Stop on by and chat with me about yarn, thrifting, and cutesy things.

Autumn has been an overwhelming source of both inspiration and support for me, and I hope you enjoy her blog as much as I do.  The two of us have quite a few things in common, and it's great to FINALLY meet other bloggers who respect each other, and want to aid in the success of other blogs.  Besides being super hot, she is also super rad.  And those are the kind of chicks we like around here!


  1. Holy haute mama ms Autumn. .♥ You've got a new follower here!!!

  2. That was really nice to read, thanks
    for sharing it. :-)

  3. I love her blog. Plus she is Hella gorgeous, and she DOES look like Adele!! I couldn't place her look-alike status until she said it! niiiiice.


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