Last week I blogged about my new series, The Constants.  These are some blogs that I am constantly checking for inspiration, motivation and of course, a chuckle or two here and there.  Last week I profiled some of my favorite funny/witty/remarkable bloggers, and this week I want to give it to the sistahs with style.
Erin inspires my looks every single day.  I mean, HULLO, I directly bought the same EXACT dress as her (I hope she's not pissed) just because it looked so damn good on her.  She is a beautiful girl, but what is most awesome about her is the confidence that she exudes.  She encourages we plus-size girls to take chances with our clothing, to not hide in khaki tents and busy mumus, unless they are REALLY COOL, and trust me, she could make them look that way. 

When I read she was "taking a break from blogging" I almost killed myself.  But fear not!  She has returned, full fatshion foot forward!  Hmmmm, what doesn't Rachele do?  She writes an extraordinary e-course, she has brilliant style and illustration/artistic skills...she is a prolific writer, on and on. She is my guru on all things cateye!

Sarah is a friend, confidant, and mostly...kick ass bitch.  Whenever I am feeling down, she is there, with some rad outfit to make me think outside the box, and help me love my body.  She is such a fantastic supporter of plus-size fatshion, self-love and being yourself!  I love her brutal honesty, but my favorite thing are her photos, they range from mind-blowing to quirky, but always showing her glowing personality.  I take a page from her book everyday. 

Please take a minute of your very busy day to visit these beautiful ladies and get to know their style.  I promise you won't regret it!

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