Friday's Fawns

Alright, it's that time again to indulge in pretending I have a bag of money to spend on Etsy.  Let's take a look at all the things I have been fawning over recently.  By the way John, the first list of things I wanted still has a couple "holes" in it let's say so...ahem.  Also, I'm noticing a rather prevalent floral theme here...which is quite the departure for yours truly.
This is the Flower Garden Weekender from Embi Bags.  I don't think any real words are necessary.
Hi, I'm a Rustic Bangle from Beau Miracle Jewelry.  Try not to die over me.
 I love April, her art, her spirit and this dress from her shop, Thread Over Heels.
This little minty gem will also be mine, from Vintage Repeats, one of the most, reasonable, eclectic and affordable vintage shops on Etsy!
My obsession with resin jewelry is rearing it's ugly head again, and this extra large bangle from Spotted Dog Farm is KILLING IT.  I can't sleep at night thinking about this thing, or this beauty below, from Resin Road, my absolute FAVORITE resin shop on Etsy.
So, you know I've had a rough week...any gratuities would be appreciated. 

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