Well, Y'All Said I Looked Good in Chambray

The jumper was a bad choice.
Even Boxer is afraid of my cameltoe.

jumper and shawl: Target necklace: black & bronze glasses: ZenniOptical plugs: body Jewelry Source
Well I think it was my good buddy Kimberly Ragsdale of Oikos Handmade, who said that I often take chances with my outfits.  Well girl, it doesn't always end up successfully!  This jumper rode up like a bucking bronco, and the focus on the chubbiness of my arms was WAY TOO INTENSE.  Instead I chose a lovely shrug from my arsenal of the "Chubby Arm Shuffle" pile. 

I thought since my chambray shirt was such a hit, and I got so many compliments on it, that perhaps a jumper was the next step.  Yeah, no.  Even my dog Boxer was regarding me strangely.  I have a couple jumpers that I love, this will not remain among them, unless I grow a foot or lose sixty pounds, neither of which I am planning on doing soon.

P.S.: Kimberly was lovely enough to do a sweet little blog about my clutch, please check out her stuff!  Her talent is endless.  Read it here.  Love you girl!

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