Sometimes You Get Lucky And Get A Marc Jacobs Purse As A Tip

shoes: Minnetonka jeans: Target top: ModCloth purse: Marc Jacobs bangles: vintage plugs: Body Jewelry Source

If you stand perfectly still, the T-Rex can't see you.

Do the bird.  I am an idiot.

bow ring: weird booth at OC Fair bee ring: Jorgensen Studio awkward pinky: genetics
I could not believe it when my regular, Carrie, told me a few weeks ago that she had a Marc Jacobs bag she wasn't really "feeling" anymore because it has been rubbed with denim on the back and was a wee bit stained here and there.  She said she didn't want it anymore and would bring it in the next time she came in to eat.  I thought, "Cha-right!"  And then it appeared, felt bag and all.  Thank-you Carrie for making my day, my week, my month and perhaps, my year.  I took to that bad boy with Leather CPR and now it shines like the day it was born.

I have been having a real "blogging crisis" lately, my anxiety seems to have taken over my life as of recent, and I am having a hard time at work and at home.  I feel sometimes like I can take on the whole world, and then I realize what a shit world we live in, why the hell take that on? 

Sometimes I don't feel like writing, or doing much at all.  I have to work, and will continue to do so for the next TEN STRAIGHT DAYS.  All I keep thinking about is John and I becoming independent, and taking the next step in our lives together.  He is my rock.  Thank you babe, for always being there.  Even when I ask you to take ridiculous pictures of me on the weekends instead of watching baseball like I know you want to do.

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