It Was Fair-ly Good

Okay, because my DSLR was apparently NOT ALLOWED inside the fair, y'all are going to have to get your yuks on my iPhone photos.  I was going to put these all on IG, but lately I have been feeling sort of "anti IG" just because apparently it has turned more into a remake of Mean Girls than a way of sharing photos and videos. 

This is the EXACT reason I wanted to escape for a day, and roast in the hot sun with the rest of the idiot Southern Californians...apparently gorging ourselves on fried food and cover bands is our idea of just that.  Sorry guys, no food shots here...I drank about six beers before ZZ Top and I could have drank six more after that.  I'm just not a "chocolate and peanut butter bacon banana" girl, nor am I wanting to eat a giant turkey leg, a la some caveman, with grease dripping down my chin.  I kept looking around and anyone else grossed out by this?  I have my "Morrissey moments".

First beer, first ride in the Chuckwagon.
This was shot just after some whitetrash idiot yelled "DEATH IN JUNE!  YEAH!" in our faces.  I'm pretty sure he had no idea it was a band and thought we were in a religious cult.
Well if you're going to make a "stereotypical Mexican" cutout, you have to remember one key thing: sometimes they are short.

Look at this cutie.  Had to snap a pic of this one.
This one is For Brittany and Jess.  I had NO IDEA we had these out here, so girls, please don't fret about a discontinuation.  One tall can was twelve dollars. 
Totally bizarre/rad sand sculpture involving fruits, donuts, french fries...I am so confused.
This is the ride my brother had a thirty second panic attack on last year...before the ride even began.  Talk about me having a heart attack!  So, of course I had to send him a picture and ask if he wanted to ride it again.
It sure is.
The only food truck I wanted to eat from was...out of lobster.  Thanks!
Outfit of the day.
 The concert was good, the food was alright, but the fact that every beer was eleven dollars took quite a chunk out of my "allowance" for spending.  John bought me an adorable new ring, as well as an AWESOME new sugar skull wall hanging, which actually matches my new favorite dress I just got from Asos, which I will be revealing to you on Monday!  In the meantime, enjoy your weekend.  Come visit me at the bar, I'll be closing all weekend and as usual, I have plenty to talk about.


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