I Love The Growlers, and So Should You

Who doesn't love a good band poster filled with tits?
I know all MY beach parties look like a band of gypsies crashed it...how about you?
Brooks, just hold me.  And then, shot gun some weed into my mouth.
So we all know the story...great local band, hot-ass singer, they start to make it big...then all of a sudden what you thought was beautiful indie rock starts to sound like Incubus.  Yuck.  Such is not the case for The Growlers.  

The band formed in Dana Point, California in 2006, then moved to Costa Mesa.  The band consists of Brooks Nielsen (vocals), Matt Taylor (lead guitar), Scott Montoya (drums, formerly bass) Anthony Braun Perry (bass) and Kyle Straka (keyboards, guitar). Their first album, Are You in or Out, was released in 2009. Their second album, Hot Tropics, was out in 2010. The band's third album, Hung at Heart, was released January 22, 2013.

Their sound in unbelievable.   The band is known for its heavy use of effects, including voice effects, especially reverb, and mixes the sound of the Californian rock of the late '60's, with a heavy load of psychedelia giving birth to what they call 'Beach Goth'.  Being a "beach goth" myself, it was love at first listen.

Wandering Eyes

Acid Rain

Try not to die.  Have a fabulous weekend!  I will be at the Dodger/Red Sox game tonight, so GO SOX!!!  I hope Brian Wilson is pitching so I can break up with him to his face instead of this ridiculous way he is ignoring my rude tweets.

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