It's Pronounced "Aaaa-sews" ...Thank You Autumn

dress: ASOS pendant: black & bronze sandals: Target glasses: ZenniOptical
Me doing that weird "Hulk" pose again.
I think I am doing the "Mashed Potato" here.
Toe pick!
One of the good days for the ol' gunboats.

I need to order some sunglasses, because it is bright as hell out here.  I am waiting for Rivet and Sway to launch their new Fall line, which I am hoping will include some sunnies, but the sneak peak we got of the other frames made me drool...since they are the only people I will EVER buy glasses from again.  I might have to bite the bullet and order some sunnies from ZenniOptical, since I might melt in this heat.

Also, thanks goes to my BF Autumn who pointed out I have been calling "ASOS" "A-S-O-S" a sailor's mayday call.  Yeah, I feel like that dude who sings along to Jimi Hendrix and shouts like an idiot, "'scuse me while I kiss this guy..."


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