Nine Inch Nails Changed My Life, and So Did These Cuffs


top: thrifted leggings and shoes: Target aquamarine pendant: vintage cuffs: Fifth and Mae glasses: ZenniOptical
Yeah, one's a fox and one is an arrow.  Basically made for me.
I first heard about Fifth and Mae from my pal Brin, who blogs over at Bold Butter Baby.  She had a few pieces I loved, so when I went to their website I was in awe.  Not only do they have a blogger discount, but NOTHING in the shop is over twenty bucks.  RAD!  I went crazy, buying two initial necklaces and these cuffs...and I'm not stopping there.

I don't know if y'all have been following the Nine Inch Nail's Instagram feed (@treznor) but I am dying a little on the inside.  They have a new album...and they have a new tour.  This is the band that changed me from an ASB-loving, Abercrombie and Fitch idiot, into the gnarly, take-no-shit bitch you see today.  

One of my first concerts was NIN, with Marilyn Manson opening.  Needless to say as soon as that was over my tongue was pierced and I could not get enough Manic Panic in my hair to save my life.  Obviously, my mom was thrilled.  I dropped all "joiner" activities, starting smoking pot and writing very dark, very BAD poetry. 

I'm kind of stoked to see this resurgence of all of my favorite bands from my youth.  I recently watched Later With Jools Holland, and Soundgarden was on, promoting their new LP.  Ladies, Chris has grown his hair out again and I'm pretty sure he's still wearing the same holey black t-shirt from the Blackhole Sun video.  I passed out.  Between him and Trent, I'm not sure who has aged better.  Oh shit, I forgot Eddie Vedder is still hotter than the both of them combined!  Don't call me daughter.


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