Sunny Days

Yup, that's dirt.
sunnies: Betsey Johnson top: Old Navy shoes: Minnetonka jeans and tank: Target brooch: Swan Lake bracelet c/o:Pretty Lovely Littles
Tick, tock..the brooch is a cuckoo clock.
Isn't this precious?  Please visit Pretty Lovely Littles, found on my sidebar!
I got an AWESOME haircut from my girl Karla yesterday, and I am feeling pretty fierce.  The grand reveal will have to wait for the weekend however, because John let me buy the dress of my dreams from ModCloth today...and I want to save the pictures for the grand occasion!

I am wearing a couple of adorable pieces from two new Etsy shops I have come to love.  I adore it when sellers send me something free (who doesn't like free stuff???) and ask me to post/wear/review it, especially when it's as adorable as this bracelet.  I was saddened however, when my friend from the shop asked me kindly not to say anything negative about it or criticize it on my blog, in case I didn't like it.  I had to email her back and ask, "do people really do that?"  Apparently, they do.  I couldn't believe it.  I can understand being critical of something you paid for...but a gift?  Why can't we all just get along?

Big news on the home-front as well, in mid-September John and I will be relocating to the gorgeous, eclectic, artsy and rad...LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA!  John's commute is getting out of control, and my patience with recent changes at my job has made me rather...snippy.  It is also high time we give my sweet parents a break from the revolving door of adult children, and the sweet sounds of the barking of six dogs.  I will keep you updated on all happenings...and of course the decoration of our new abode!

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