Mint and Shit

dress: One Clothing shoes: Target belt: vintage bag: Fern and Fox Goods glassses: ZenniOptical plugs: BJR
"What's your problem, ese?"

And a whole lot of it too...

I DO NOT want to talk about the VMAs, but I am going to anyway.  It's so strange how certain things that we as humans deem "acceptable" can seem to flip on a dime.  It's fine when one person does something, but it's "insane" when done by another.  That person "must be on drugs."  I love how Americans contribute everything to drugs: she's on drugs, he's on drugs...guess what?  We're all on drugs.  

Yesterday I made the mistake of asking what the hell Robin Thicke did to deserve such backlash.  I mean, I get the Miley thing but...everyone seemed to be more upset with him.  "Oh he should of moved away...he was wearing a muffin man suit (!?!WTF)...someone even said that 'Blurred Lines' was a misogynistic song, calling it "rapey".

Okay, let me just stop you right there.  As a victim of sexual assault, I take extreme offense to that.  A song referring to good girls getting nasty, "try to get past me" does not equate to "I am going to hold you down and force my penis inside of you."  Trust me, the song makes me feel good, the sexual abuse I endured for years did not.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but unless you have been raped, I don't think throwing that term around, especially in reference to a pop song, which can and always are interpreted different ways (just like any art-form) is acceptable.

I am not going to talk about the "Disney Child Stars" and their lack of childhood, their almost pathological series of psychotic events, from shaving one's head to self-mutilation to...well I am not sure how to describe what is going on with poor Amanda Bynes. I just feel bad for them.  When I was watching Miley up there, I thought, "Damn, I wish I was twenty again so I could act like a fool.  This girl has no idea what the hell life is really about, but she will...she will.  Being young and REALLY stupid is just part of life."  I mean, have we all forgotten eighties Madonna dry humping the stage in a wedding dress?  Wait, have we forgotten like...anything Madonna ever did?

Then I saw all the Billy Ray memes on IG saying "I should of had an abortion," or "I should have pulled out."  I thought, that's too much.  Imagine seeing a picture of your own father with that caption.  I'm sure we could of made a million hilarious memes of my dad after I got arrested, but we didn't...because that's humiliating and embarrassing enough.  

I had to take my status down because while I was bartending my phone would not STOP.  I consider myself a feminist, but apparently the "feminist police" were hot on my trail, making sure to let me know that my acceptance of Robin, and (god forbid) me thinking he is hot, which by the way, HE IS, was "appalling."  Thanks fem-cops.  I guess I will appear in your courts on the date printed on my citation.

In the meantime, let's discuss something that is definitely more important than all the garbage above.  Fern and Fox Goods are the makers of this awesome tote I am sporting and what they are doing with their business is amazing.  "Fern & Fox Goods is a small production screen printing shop started by best friends Andrea Jalaty and Theresa Holden. They first "met" while in the womb and their moms grapevined together through pre-natal aerobics class. Each Fern & Fox item is designed and hand-printed by these two in their hometown of Napa Valley.

To support their family members and dear friends who have suffered from cancer, a portion of all proceeds generated from the sale of Fern & Fox items will be donated to the Cancer Research Institute to support continued efforts toward finding a cure to cancer."  Now that's a business and a cause I can support.  

Now please get ready for my next outfit shoot where I will be wearing a bathing suit made out of Teddy Ruxpin, then I will rip it off to reveal my flesh-colored onesie.  Get ready, it's going to be hot.
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