Pony Up!

Shoes and jeans: Target top: thrifted necklace: thrifted glasses: Rivet and Sway


I'm attempting the "pony", which has NOTHING to do with twerking.

And then I threw some jazz hands in...
Then proceeded to throw some 'bows.  Yup, I'm an idiot.

This is when John insists I stop dancing like a fool.

I love the combination of these two, and I adore the "bow" on this blouse.
I sometimes just want to laugh when I think about the nature of human beings.  A few days ago, when I was in the process of voting for a winner for a contest, I came across the FB profile of a girl I THOUGHT looked like a real sweetheart.  I suggested we be friends, and after she gave me the third degree in all caps, I thought..."maybe I should of introduced myself?"  Usually, if you don't want to befriend someone on FB you just hit..."decline."  I have never seen the "give them the Matlock treatment" button. 

Regardless, then she got angry when I decided to rescind my invitation, thinking I was annoying her.  She then got even more bitchy and announced: "Homie don't play that."  I literally had to read it THREE TIMES.  You know, because it's not 1992.  Then I proceeded to explain, "Hey, you seemed pissed...so I left you alone."

After explaining how "easy-going" she is after this "misunderstanding" she decides to blow my page up with a bunch of bullshit about how Blurred Lines is a misogynistic song with "rapey" undertones.  I had to take my status down, it was so offensive to me.  Y'all read my post yesterday, where I stood up for myself, and my opinions, ahem...which are MY RIGHTS.

Guess who decided to block me from FB?  I'm assuming because I spoke about being a REAL victim of sexual assault, not one who likes to throw words around because I consider myself a "feminist."  Maybe instead of blocking me you could apologize for acting like an asshole.  Oh wait, I am expecting adult behavior from someone who doesn't even use their real name on Facebook.  Good luck, Kitty Kat Klaws.  I don't tolerate bitches, or maybe to make it easier for you to understand, I'll use your terminology: "Homie don't play that."

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