Lena Dunham is My Spirit Animal

dress: Ross bin o' goodness shoes: Target necklaces: Fifth and Mae
Kids, don't let your "friends" give you tattoos after you have been drinking and you just got the tattoo gun from a garage sale, okay?

My favorite show is HBO's Girls, both written and directed by Ms. Lena Dunham.  The wardrobe, the dialogue and the characters are so relate-able, so real...it almost breaks your heart.  After every episode I hear myself saying, "Yep, that's me."  Her experiences, her awkwardness and most importantly, the fact that her body is a REAL WOMAN'S BODY and she makes no attempt at hiding that, filming full nude scenes, wearing the most quirky and beautiful clothes...all while pulling a wedgie out of her romper.

I saw a preview, which was more like a photo collage, for the new season starting in 2014.  2014?!?!  I can't wait that long, so...I decided to channel my spirit animal, Ms. Dunham, in this dress.  Lena always rocks dresses with sharp collars, and I have picked many a one up, and immediately set it down.  For some reason that cut reminds me of a lesbian P.E. teacher.  However, Ross killed it again, because as soon as I saw this beauty I knew she had to be mine.

Literally, I wear this bad boy EVERY SECOND.  I'm wearing it now, as I type this.  I swear.  My other new favorite thing is my new jewelry from Fifth and Mae.  I discovered this company through my friend Brin, and I could not have been more impressed.  Not only do they have a discount for bloggers, but they are kind enough to communicate with you when say, something is out of stock...or will take a little longer due to acquisition.  I got several things, but my two of my immediate favorites we're these beautiful white gold initial necklaces.  I got one "J" and one "A", but now I want one for the names of all my pets.  I'm not sure if looking like you're wearing a string of Alphabits cereal is cool or not, but I don't care.

I look forward to getting to meet my new stylist, Karla, today!  I'm getting a haircut and a little more blond, and this chick is so rad...she makes house-calls.  The fact that she loves Morrissey doesn't hurt either!  I will be unveiling the new look very, very soon.  In the meantime, Happy Monday!

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