The Best Friends a Girl Can Have

So, for those of you who know me personally, you know that recently (probably within the last five years), that I have had some major falling outs with my "best friends".  One friend from college has decided not to speak to me because I could not help her with her resume.  Or rather, according to her, "just won't make time to do it."  Hi, you're 27, make a resume.  Be an adult.  This is the same "friend" who blamed me for the loss of her virginity, because she slept with one of my friends from high school (was I there putting a gun to your head....NO) and he decided she was too much to handle as a girlfriend.  It was also my fault that I did not listen to my other friends, who couldn't understand why I would tolerate being treated like crap by her.  I'll admit, it was hard for me to watch her get brand new cars, checks from home and support from her family at what seemed like an unconditional rate.  I tried getting her a job, she hated it.  I think because it was actual work, not just sitting at home crying over Top Gun.  I have reached out to her several times, but apparently being a Brooklyn Hipster is much more important.  Congratulations, you live in New York City, you look really cool...wait, no one cares.  I bet your parents love supporting you into your thirties. 

My other "best friend" and I had a huge falling out this year, when I my anxiety got completely out of control, and I was experiencing some extreme agoraphobia.  Of course her "wedding" was coming up, so it had to be all about her.  I came up with a rad idea for a bridal shower, she informed me we would not be taking the Haunted Hollywood tour (as I had suggested and planned) but that it was to be referred to as a "bachelorette party" and god forbid NOT a bridal shower.  Um, okay.  Then she told me that she wanted to have a SLEEPOVER at "her house".  First of all, I am too fucking old to sleep over anywhere but in my own bed.  Secondly, there are eight other people living in "your house" and I would rather die than be around most of them.  Finally, a sleepover?  Are we ten years old?  I happily obliged the change, but when I was having trouble getting the invitations out because I was so depressed, she decided to inform me, through text messaging, that I was "just being selfish and don't have anxiety, you're just lazy..."  This is someone whom I have watched cheat on her boyfriend, steal guys away from me, copied just about everything that I do, taken advantage of me at every turn, and gave her boyfriend and ultimatum in terms of their wedding.  Either he would propose by New Year, or she would be out.  Good work, guys love ultimatums, especially when it effects the rest of your life.  Good luck finding any pot, since that was the only reason you ever called me anyway.  Also, you're welcome for the DAYS I took off of work, so you could get your cosmetology licence.  My text back to her was simple, "Have fun at your wedding, I won't be there."

Where am I going with all this?  Well, I have finally achieved the impossible.  I have friends who care about me!  And all because of this magical blog.  I was rather absent from blogging this past week, basically because sometimes I am a bad blogger...I don't pre-write my posts (my goal for next month is to at least have them planned) because I love the spontaneity of writing something fresh and new.  I also have been working double shifts, training new hires and then serving or bartending afterwards, which is hard work, and definitely a blog post for later.  Most importantly, I was just having a bummer of a week.  If you read my blog regularly, you'll know I was also being bullied AGAIN by one of my elementary school mates, who had already spent five years bullying me in the first place.  Then her ass of a husband decided to comment on my blog, and that really harshed my mellow.

So, almost by magic, just as I am sitting here now, a slew of comments, texts, Facebook comments, IG tags and messages started coming in.  "Are you okay?"  "Keep your head up!"  "You're a great girl!"  "I wondered where you had been..."  Oh my goodness, I could not believe it.  The support, the love that was thrown my way, not just in this instance, but ever since I started this blog, has been overwhelming. 

I wanted to start off this week fresh, not holding on to any of the bullshit that has been keeping me down, and really focus on what matters most.  I have to personally acknowledge a few people, because without them, I would not have made it.

Rebel: I know your moving right now and incredibly busy, but I love you and I know you are always there for me! 

Jess: I know what it's like to lose a member of your family, but you have gained another sweet baby and I am so happy for you.  You are one hell of a lady, so talented and always encouraging to me.  It means the world!

Charissa: Your existence alone, the motivation from your are a poet.

Amber: Thank you for coming into my life, standing up for me and being so awesome.

Jennifer, Autumn, Bethany, Karen, Denise, Carly, Jess: My sidebar and Instagram has become like a rad locker door from Saved by the Bell.  I open my email and all I see are messages from you guys, positive thoughts, pictures of sloths (you know what I like) and endless love.  I could not make it without you.  

Jenny: Where the hell have you been all my life?  I can't wait to team up and take over the world, of course with a Smiths' track playing in the background.  

I am sure I am forgetting some people, I must thank my "real life" pals such as Desi, Tracy and Melissa, for always being there for me, especially at work, where my stress level really hits an all-time high.  Also, I can not forget my boo, John.  Thanks for putting up with my crap babe.  It doesn't matter that you hate Carmelo Anthony, or skateboarding or Fall Out Boy.  I LOVE YOU.

If you are expecting a package from me, it will be shipping today if it did not ship on Saturday.  Also, Brandi, if you're reading this, I am working diligently on your infinity cowl!  I got a little sidetracked by the fact that the GIANTS SWEPT THE DODGERS this week!  GO GIANTS!
That was the universe telling me to buck up, start laughing and stop being bummed!  Matt Cain, if you're reading this (which I am sure you are not) can you please start pitching like I know you can?  Thanks.  Also, can you have Brian Wilson call me?  Like, now.


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