Stranger Bird Vintage is Changing Lives

I just recently discovered a gold mine of radness.  I am constantly on the look out for Etsy shops geared towards plus-size vintage clientele, especially when they are operated by one of the neatest chicks in the world.  Stranger Bird Vintage is run by a Miss Jenny, who I immediately fell in love with, because she and I are both enamored by Morrissey, she's a librarian (HELLO DREAM JOB) as well as being an all around kick in the pants.  

Too often I come across "plus-size" vintage stores where the dresses are basically glorified mumus, and there's no measurements.  This shop is refined, the products are well-photographed, designed and measured.  

Jenny is also an awesome person.  As you all know, I have been feeling rather depressed and extremely low lately, so making new friends and knowing there are others out there, such as her, really helps me get through the day!

I just wanted to showcase a few things I love from her shop:

So what, I've got a bit of a khaki obsession going on ever since Moonrise Kingdom.  I absolutely adore this shop, its' owner, and the fact that this morning I think she commented on every single post I've written!  What a gal!

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