Mr. Y.D.

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This is myself and my grand-dog Whitey.  Although he is not technically "MY DOG" (he belongs to my mother) he is mine, since he is the progeny of two of my dogs, Piddle and Chivo.  Whitey has a personality that cannot be ignored, much like myself, so perhaps that's why I chose to highlight him out of the SIX dogs currently living at the house I share with my parents.
Whitey, or Y.D. (short for Young Dog, apparently he's in the rap game) is a Chihuahua/Terrier mix, with one crazy tooth askew right on his lower jaw.  He looks basically, like a drunk old redneck, a rather shifty used car salesman, or the most adorable creature on all times. 
He does the most adorable things which includes what I like to call the "One-And-A" where he does sort of a half-hearted jump to attempt to get on top of something (couch, chaise, bed) but will do said wimpy jump about six times before he puts in a full effort.  He can accomplish it on the first try, believe me.  He also tells YOU when you're done petting him.  He will SHOVE his head or body under your palm until you get to work.
I love him so much because I can see both his parents in him, and since I love them so much, my heart can only burst for Mr. Y.D.

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