Sorry kids, I have been having some issues lately, both at home, work, and with my blog.  You see, I was threatened in a comment placed here on my blog, by the husband of a young lady who bullied me in elementary school.  He threatened me with a lawsuit if I did not take down my post about her, apparently using her real name had really upset these people.  Well, guess what?  That happened twenty years ago, and you SHOULD have apologized to me, instead of threatening me with a lawsuit.  Here's the genius comment I got:

Well, clever people. (name removed) married an attorney so stand by for a massive claim for defamation of character based on this false and outrageous posting. We have copies, so a delete makes no difference to the claim. But if you don't delete this posting Alison within 24 hours, we will claim punitive damages. 
First of all, the "claim" for defamation of character is going to be extremely hard to prove.  Calling someone a bitch on the Internet is not considered "defamation of character".  If I had said she had herpes, or stole from her job, then we might have a problem.  I told a story about what happened to me as a child, and your reaction is to call it "false and outrageous"?  How do you intend to prove it is false?  Are you going to go back to the nineties records at the YMCA and interview all the kids there to see if they remember the incident at the pool?  Good luck.  One of the counselors was also a child molester, so good luck getting through all that red tape to attain any material to support your "claim."
It is outrageous, you're right.  It's outrageous that one human being could treat another that way, and be so cold and unfeeling, especially at the age of ten.  It is also outrageous that you decided the best way to communicate about this would be to leave a comment on my blog, instead of emailing me directly.  See that huge button up there that says CONTACT?  Maybe attorneys can't read.  
See, here's the deal.  Bullies never change, they find other bullies and marry them.  I have changed the post, eliminating her real name, but I am never taking it down.  I am glad you have copies, that way you can show your friends what kind of a person you are, and perhaps maybe your children will be proud of you too.  
It's okay, what you feel is shame and embarrassment due to the fact that twenty years later, I still remember this, it still hurts, and I am telling people about it.  Also, my name is spelled A-L-L-I-S-O-N.  See there?  It's in the name of my blog.


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