My favorite dress, ever.
dress: ModCloth glasses: Wal-Mart shoes: Ross bin 'o' Magic plugs: BJR

I believe John and I may have found the place of our dreams this weekend.  However, dude to my FABULOUS credit (thank-you student loans, college and trying to better oneself) we might have to put down first month's and last month's rent...which would be quite a bit at once for us, but I think we have worked out something with our hopefully-future landlord, and I know you guys will be absolutely BLOWN OUT if we get it.  

I don't want to reveal too much but I will tell you it's a renovated "Craftsman-style" home, and the garden, sitting area and the totally awesome Murphy bed give me CRAZY ideas for decor.  Everyone cross your fingers, I talk to him tomorrow and attempt to finalize everything.  

In the meantime, I have no words for the comfort, style and cut of this dress.  Too often in plus-size clothing, I feel we are forced to choose dresses that are made of predominately polyester, or poly-blends.  I ADORE MODCLOTH because they have an excellent of all-cotton plus size dresses, and this hot number is one of them.  I never want to take it off.  Ever.

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