Stir Crazy

No, not this rad movie.
So, in case you haven't noticed, I have had a lot more time on my hands.  If you follow me in any way, you'll note my online presence has been pretty prevalent lately, as opposed to former months.  The reason is simple: I AM BORED OUT OF MY FUCKING MIND.  

I mean, don't get me wrong, it's been awesome to catch up on things, help friends in need, be able to actually ANSWER comments on the blog from my computer, instead of the sweaty confinements of the employee restroom, but in all fairness, I honestly do not know what to do with myself half the time.

I was unaware my transfer would take so long to "process" so, it has left me with something I am very unfamiliar with: free time, alone.  To add to the fun, I am also in a strange city, by myself all day until John gets home.  Trust me, some areas of this town would not appreciate a tattooed white girl wearing a dress covered in seahorses, prancing through their neighborhood with a DSLR.  So, I stay pretty close to home.  Luckily I have ONE FRIEND who lives in Long Beach.  She doesn't know it yet, but I am going to be bugging the shit out of her.  Sorry Jen. 

I start my orientation on Saturday.  Until then, I have some pretty exciting stuff lined up.  Today I am going to go to the doctor to renew my meds (riveting, I know) and then (I know, this is hard to type) return the fox dress to ModCloth via post.  Everyone's been dying for me to wear it, and I have to be honest.  The eyelet in the front fits EXACTLY over Morrissey's face on my chest.  It looks RIDICULOUS.  Plus, the fit is a bit strange, like wearing a loose cape on top and a pencil skirt on the bottom.  That could also be my sexy beer gut, but who knows.  There will be other fox dresses.  This one is sadly, not for me.

Why don't I clean something?  Oh HELL NO.  I did enough cleaning for twelve people over the past six months and I am not going to spend this forced "vacation" cleaning something.  I would unpack our boxes, but we threw away our bookshelf, so...we have no where to put anything.  Yes, my budget is so tight right now I cannot go to IKEA and get a Durdlestaf or whatever, so shut-up.

Painting sounds fun, but that costs money as well, and with me not bringing in cash everyday, it's been strange having to budget so close to the lines.  I also have an intense feeling of worthlessness, as I have pretty much worked everyday since I was fifteen, so this is really weird.  I don't think it's a good idea I make any color choices while I feel like a total loser, as this place will probably end up looking like my room in tenth grade.

I have learned a few things about myself, and they are not very entertaining.  

One: I think I have ADD.  I am simultaneously watching the Simpsons on HULU while looking on Facebook, and then I also have a movie or let's be honest here, GIRLS episodes rolling on the DVD.  If I can, I will check IG during all this, see a necklace I like and then add it to my favorites on Etsy.  I need help.

Two: I can't stop sleeping.  I don't know if I am tired (I haven't DONE anything) or just relieved, stressed, or depressed.  All I know is, I can sleep like a mofo now, as opposed to before when I was up with the sun and could never relax enough to sleep.  John likes to joke, "Just go to sleep like I know you want to."  It's 10 pm.  WTF. 

Three: I am aware of my surroundings and they include (but are not limited to): mobile soft serve ice-cream trucks (WIN), huge churches handing out food to homeless (creepy when walking the dogs, sorry), a mixture of rad, restored homes and well...I saw two guys smoking a joint on their front porch yesterday.  I didn't know whether to go inside or go make friends.   Being in a new city and knowing NO ONE is so strange after living in one place for so long and getting sick of running into people at Target that you know from work.

Four: My hopes of sleeping past 7 am have quickly been dashed by my upstairs neighbor who apparently conducts a brick toss every night in his apartment, followed by the morning's contest of stomping.  Thanks dude.  My dogs bark at literally every noise, and usually it's right in John's ear, so he's STOKED.

Five: No matter what I do, the fleas are winning.  Our apartment/building is older, and apparently there were some feral cats residing underneath it previously (would have been good to know earlier, thanks).  This led to a bit of a flea infestation, of which the premises has been sprayed for.  I continue the battle from within, spraying crap everywhere, washing the dogs like fourteen times a day, putting drops on my cat that make her look like a crust punk, scratching my ankles until only scars remain, you know, fun stuff like that.  I think that with one more laundry purge and a few flea collars and I've got this! Kill 'em all!

Finally, I've begun my crochet lessons from Stephie's Corner, and I am kicking ass.  However, I have stopped midway through because I also am watching Whisker Wars and The Dark Knight simultaneously.  It might get weird today when I have to leave the house.

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