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Okay, so I have had a little bit of free time lately, and with funds running short, it seems like everywhere I turn I see something I want to buy.  I hate that!  I am looking forward to getting my new work schedule, that way I can "schedule" a few purchases for our place, and of course, me.  

My animal fetish seems to know no bounds lately, and my latest fixation is rabbits.  I had one when I was younger, her name was Lupin.  She was mean as a snake.  We built her this elaborate cage, which of course she escaped from, never to be seen again.  Basically, that's the G-Rated version of the story.  That being said (sorry for the Old Yeller moment), I have always wanted to get another rabbit as a pet.  Do not tell John.  Right now I will simply pacify my bunny needs by buying everything that has a rabbit on it.  I'm on one for NY Hop, a sister store of another Etsy shop I love, NY Illustration.  

My dear friend and awesome shop-owner of The Stranger Bird, Jenny, is having a bit of a "car crisis" at the moment, and she is doing something super awesome to raise funds (also making me want to spend even MORE money in her shop), she is offering 35% off with the code CAR35 and if you share this information, she will give you a SPECIAL 50% OFF CODE.  What the AWESOME?!?!  Thanks Jenny!  With such impeccable deals and pieces, that car will be fixed in no time.  I picked just a FEW of my favorites, but with her shop, it's always hard to choose.

It's no secret that The Nautical Owl and I are Eskimo sisters, and her art is absolutely beautiful.  I have yet to see someone do a wood-burned carving of Wilfred, have you?  Her shop, as well as her blog, are mainstays in my life.  After she said she was taking a break from social media yesterday, I emailed and then texted her.  Yes, I am an idiot.  Sorry Megan!

My dress addiction is something that will never be cured, but after the move I realized how few good t-shirts I have left after the "Great Cutting Incident of the Year 2000" where I decided my AMAZING collection of vintage tees all needed to have the neck cut out of them.  It looked so hot on my friend Insu, so I assumed it would look amazing on me.  Turns out, the "boatneck and braless" look was not one that stayed.  Henceforth, I will be visiting Gnome Enterprises for all future t-shirt needs, primarily because they are rad, and also because I am never cutting another shirt again.  These ones are too beautiful/rad to do so, so it won't be hard.

Finally, we all know I am ALWAYS on the lookout for new plus-size vintage stores, whether they be online or not.  I stumbled upon the selection at Brown Bag Vintage and it blew my mind.  Not only do they have an awesome selection for regular sizes, their plus-size section is hearty and beyond cute.  It was hard for me not to favorite everything.

I am hoping to step out today and snap a few pictures and give y'all a little sneak peek into my life lately.  I'll give you a preview: it's going to be a lot of pictures of DVDs and weird churches.


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