Downtown, Everything's Waiting For You

First of all, I want to thank Amanda from Salvaged Strawberry for literally saving my life yesterday.  This entire post is dedicated to her, as well as my mermaid sister Megan, who blogs at The Nautical OwlIf it had not been for the two of them, yesterday may have gone very differently.  

I decided to venture downtown and take some shots with an older camera, one that I have found among a treasure trove of old Polaroids, 8mms and even ANCIENT instant cameras I have no idea how to operate.  

It's a sweet relic, somewhere between a "point-and-shoot" and a true DSLR.  I just wanted to capture the beautiful subtleties of my new neighborhood, in a new way.  Turns out, the pictures look ALMOST as good as a DSLR.  Bloggin' on a budget, folks!  
As I mentioned before, all electrical boxes are painted by independent artists, all here in the East Art District.  This one might be my favorite.
The wall outside Hamburger Mary's.  Some of my favorite queens have actually signed this thing!
Oh yes, there will be cocktails!
My current obsession with succulents has taken over my mind.
I imagine my BFF Autumn would DIE over this building.
Good way to sell a car: chalkboard paint as signage!
I love walking around downtown, it's just hard for me...because I have a tendency to get lost.  Also, random strangers will peek their heads out of buildings and look at you like you work for TMZ.  "I'm taking a picture of a plant, lady!  CHILL!"

I took a bunch of cute shots, and I will share more with you tomorrow.  I have a giveaway planned for this week...I am just waiting for the merchandise to be forwarded to my new address.  Here's a hint: it helps you get drunk.  I figure, that's all you need to know.




  1. Lol omg that chalk-board van, so bizarre and so cool.

    Also I'm loving your new little "Post a comment" message. Right on sista.

    1. You gotta call 'em BEFORE you see 'em now, girl! xxxooo

  2. You're lovely. You made my day, too. xo

  3. Where is that electrical box? It is fucking stunning. I HAVE TO GO THERE AND MOLEST IT.


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